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10 DIY chandeliers out of this world

Chandeliers set a completely different mood in a space. They provide ambient lighting and enhance the aesthetics of the place. It also acts as an icebreaker.

But while these benefits are certainly tempting, the price may be high. Can’t afford the chandelier you want? Try building any of these 10 handcrafted chandeliers that are out of this world to spice up your space.

1. Arduino chandelier from the jar

Can you imagine some mood lighting in your room? Then you need to make this Arduino chandelier. As the name suggests, it is controlled by an Arduino board and features a regular mini-tractor as part of the frame. Other supplies you’ll need for the frame include an acrylic sheet, some spray paint, copper wire, and insulation covers. It’s a time consuming project, but the results are well worth it, as shown in the video above. Look Instruction Manual For detailed instructions on completing this project.

2. Modern wooden chandeliers

Wooden light fixtures are fast becoming a star in the world of indoor and outdoor décor due to their timeless flair. This style can complement both modern and traditional home designs and has a beautiful natural touch. The wood is also very durable.

It’s even more attractive when you build it yourself, which is why this modern wood chandelier is on our list. However, you will need quite a few power tools, including a table saw, palm sander, electric drill, jigsaw and more. If you don’t have any, consider hiring a professional who cuts the necessary wood pieces and then assembles them yourself. If you prefer to go solo all the way, check out Best DIY Channels to Master Carpentry. The Instructables . Tutorial It shows the detailed steps for building this chandelier.

3. Universal bluetooth chandelier remote control

Looking for a unique lighting to spice up your cozy outdoor chill spot? This unique bluetooth controlled chandelier will get the job done. Colorful LEDs have been recycled from an old plastic chandelier into a thing of beauty, especially when you light it up. The Huster guide Contains detailed steps to successfully complete this project.

4. Acrylic and wood chandeliers

Would you prefer an incomparable chandelier that prevents anyone in the middle of the path from staring? Try building this laser cut acrylic and wood chandelier. Sure, it will take effort and technical skills, but the results are well worth the time. check the Instruction Manual For detailed instructions.

Like the other projects here, if you have any doubts about your electrical skills, you should seek help from a local electrician to install them.

5. LED Fairy Light Chandelier

Got some fancy LED lights and don’t know what to do with them? Are you looking for a simple DIY chandelier idea? If you answered yes to either question, then this is just a chandelier that needs to be built. It features some fairy lights and glass ornaments attached to some cherry wood panels. Even better, it’s dimmable and features Bluetooth control.

This chandelier will instantly transform any space you install. Look Instructables . Tutorial For detailed steps to complete this amazing build. To match the elegance of this chandelier, why not try some Animated art projects to add a classroom to your home?

6. NeoPixel recycled chandelier

Mason jar chandeliers are a sight for sore eyes, but nowadays they are just about everywhere. If you want something unique, you have to make a recycled NeoPixel chandelier. It only requires a few beer bottles attached to a circular wooden platform. check the Project Huster For a step-by-step guide on how to make one. This lightweight installation can be an excellent addition to others Tech ideas to upgrade the man cave.

7. Vintage Edison chandelier

Are you looking for an easy-to-build DIY chandelier that’s similar to the fairy lighting chandelier above but more practical? This classic Edison chandelier fits right in. Instead of fairy lights, it features vintage LED lights with a wired lampshade, perfect for a kitchen island, dining table, or interior design with some industrial style elements. Everything is installed on a circular board made of reclaimed wood planks. Look Instruction Manual For detailed instructions for building one.

8. RGB Bluetooth Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are a timeless classic, and for good reason – they complement almost any style of décor and add a dramatic touch to any space with high ceilings. But they cost an arm and a leg. On the bright side, you can always DIY someone like the guy behind this project. It is better than a regular chandelier because it lights up in RGB colors and can be controlled via Bluetooth. Check details Instruction Manual To build this chandelier.

9. IoT Jar Chandelier

We are deep in the digital world where email, social media and collaborative apps are part of everything we do at work. As a result, most of us are constantly bombarded with notifications, and keeping up can be a very difficult task. If you can relate, this is the DIY chandelier for you.

It features mason jar lighting with a handy notification icon for apps you commonly use, such as Gmail and Twitter. Each pot changes light colors whenever you receive a ping from that specific app. Life changing, right? It is very easy to build, as shown in Instruction Manual.

10. Retractable barn chandelier

Need a signature feature for an upcoming event? this is Project Instructables He has the perfect chandelier: a huge retractable barn chandelier. The DIYer behind it was designing it for their sister’s wedding, and from what it looks like, it definitely served its purpose. Plus, it’s retractable, which means you can quickly remove it when necessary. If you want to add pomp and color to your evening party, you can give it a try Amazing DIY LED Projects.

DIY chandelier building

For an ordinary atmosphere, a chandelier may seem bulky and an unnecessary cost. But if you have good taste and love the finer things in life, you know that a chandelier is an important focal point for any home. And although they are usually quite expensive, you can significantly reduce costs by DIY.

The best part? You can build a chandelier out of just about anything if it has a surface to attach some light source to. Our list is proof of that, featuring chandeliers made from random items, including regular jars, crystals, jars, and even beer bottles! Have fun recreating one or coming up with completely new chandelier ideas.

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