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10 DIY Recipes That Aren’t Worth The Effort

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update In November 2021, there were plenty of new DIY recipes for players to acquire and make, giving them more variety to decorate their homes and islands with. Although some of the recipes in the game are researched heavily, some of them are more trouble than they are worth.

Whether it’s the number of materials needed to make the hand tools, the usefulness of the end result, or the availability of a better alternative, some recipes tend not to be used in the player’s kit. From tools to furniture, there are a number of animal crossing Items become flat when compared to more exotic creatures available in the game.

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a pile of cash

The Pile of Cash DIY recipe is a decorative item that can – unsurprisingly – be given to the player by arrogant villagers. It requires three sets of 99,000 bells to make, and appears as a pyramid-shaped stack of banknotes, which can be customized to look either gray or yellow.

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Bills, coin animal crossing, are an important part of the game, and are not only used to pay off the player’s home loan, but also to buy and sell goods at places like Nook’s Cranny. For most players, the amount of bells needed to make the coin pile can be used much better in other ways, making the recipe largely unusable.

Senmaizuki Barrel

One of the few recipes that uses turnip in its stuff, animal crossings Senmaizuke Barrel is a take on the Japanese ingredient of the same name, used to make pickled turnip. DIY uses thirty turnips in total.

While the Senmaizuke Barrel is a one-of-a-kind item, its selling price is extremely low, at just 600 BEL. Given that turnip in animal crossings Stalk Market has the capacity to sell hundreds of Bells each, and the cost to manufacture a Senmaizuke barrel is usually not worth it.

Nice Branch

One of the most random recipes added to new Horizons In update 2.0, Nice Branch is a “tool” element simply created from three tree branches. Once it is made, the player can hold the ness branch, and press button A to swing it.

While this is the title’s appreciation for the little things in life animal crossing One of the most relaxing video games, this recipe has no real benefit. Although it’s very easy to do, sticking with the branch prevents players from using any other tools, making it just a new thing.

robot hero

Maybe someone animal crossings One of the most popular crafts is the Robot Hero, a gigantic figurine, the recipe of which can be obtained through the Nook Miles shopping service.

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Robot Hero has an extensive item list, including a missile, a golden shield, thirty rusty nuggets, ninety iron nuggets, and ten golden nuggets, which is why Robot Hero is not worth the effort by many players. Furthermore, the customization costs are expensive, requiring either fifty customization kits, or paying 40,000 bells to Cyrus.

stone ax

The axe stone is one of the four axe tools players can access Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the second that players open. Requires crafting a flimsy axe and three pieces of wood.

The slow pace of animal crossing It makes a great game for any novice player, and part of this is due to the way it allows players to slowly get used to its tools. Stone Ax is a great step forward from Flimsy Ax, as the first players are introduced to the axe, but once the next ax recipe is unlocked, it loses much of its usefulness.

wobbly zipper game

The Wobbling Zipper is an item from the Bunny Day series, whose materials are four out of six types of Bunny Day eggs. The recipe for Wobbling Zipper Toy can only be obtained from Zipper on Bunny Day, after the player has made every other recipe from the Bunny Day recipe.

One unpopular opinion about animal crossing It’s the game’s use of real time, which some players feel can miss special events, and the time-sensitive requirements around the Wobbling Zipper Toy recipe that make it not worth the work.


There are a number of wands in new Horizonsbut they are all tools that the player can use to transform his outfit instantly, and each recipe requires a wand to make star shards.

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Although the wand is in theory a great item for changing clothes quickly, it doesn’t really change the player’s appearance. Instead, the player’s original attire remains, and the ‘multi-layered’ wand outfit is over the top. Since there are many ways in which the player can quickly change his clothes, unfortunately Wand’s transformations are not as magical or practical as they initially seem.

stack of documents / miscellaneous papers

There are a number of features in animal crossing Which most players never find out about, but one of the things that has caught the attention of many players is the special requirements for DIY document and scatter paper set recipes.

The materials needed for one item are the end result of the other item, which means that if the player has recipes for both and not the same, they will not be able to craft any of the items. This issue can be resolved if the player finds and purchases an item from Nook’s Cranny, but trying to find it can be a long and tedious process.


in animal crossing The drug is used for two purposes. It can be taken by the player if stung by a hornet, or given to villagers when they are sick. To craft the medicine, the necessary items are a wasp’s nest, and three blocks of herbs.

Although these are relatively easy to find, medicines are more easily obtained at Nook’s Cranny, where they can be purchased either as a single item or in bulk for very cheap. This prevents players from having to save any wasp nests they find, and makes medicine available at any time.

Cardboard bed

There are a few DIY recipes in animal crossing Cardboard boxes are used, and while some can be useful, others leave a lot to be desired. The Cardboard bed is made of four cardboard boxes and features the homes of several villagers.

Although it looks like a starter item, players are given a more comfortable camping bed as they begin their island journey, and the sheer number of other bed options available as the game progresses means that a Cardboard bed has no real place in the world. new Horizons.

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