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10 Innovative DIY Vacuum Cleaners With Good Suction

A good vacuum cleaner will keep your expensive Persian rugs free of debris, your floors tangled and stretchy, and your home will be less than furry if you have pets. However, the vacuum cleaner will not be useful if it lacks good suction power. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner determines how effectively it cleans dust, fur, dirt, and other dirt from your home’s surfaces.

If you still can’t find one with the right suction or the features you want after scouring the market, save yourself the hassle and build one. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up ten ingenious vacuum cleaners with good suction.

1. Vacuum cleaner on steroids

Removing structures with a giant hammer during a DIY renovation is definitely fun, stress-relieving, and kind of makes you feel like the exhausted main character in most movies. But the cleaning part? Not attractive! If you DIY a lot, build this vacuum cleaner on activators for easier cleanups after renovation or woodworking projects. It is based on the NOVA FM-300S5 dust collector for maximum suction power. Check out more details about the construction of this project in Instruction Manual.

2. Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve always wanted a Roomba but always fall back into a regular vacuum cleaner when you consider its price, then this DIY robot vacuum cleaner is for you. Based on a handheld vacuum cleaner, it is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller with ultrasonic sensors to detect and avoid obstructions.

The best part? You don’t need a technical degree to build one because everything is well detailed in Circle Summary Guide. While you’re at it, check out some other ideas for easy DIY projects you can make with an electric motor.

3. Kids Size Vacuum Cleaner

Babies are great, but they will turn your home into a cluttered pile in a matter of minutes. And that’s okay because that’s how they learn and grow. However, it is necessary to instill in them a sense of responsibility in advance. For example, instead of cleaning up after little Johnny or Jenny every time they pour their drink, build this compact vacuum cleaner and have them clean themselves. You’ll undoubtedly see them falling out less afterwards.

Look Instructables . Tutorial For detailed instructions to complete this project. And for more inspiration to keep your kids occupied, check out these awesome DIY projects to beat weekend boredom to try with them.

4. Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Did you know that there are up to 3,000 bacteria per square inch on an average computer keyboard and 1,600 bacteria per square inch on a mouse? Your smartphone is worse. It harbors up to 25,127 bacteria per square inch! For regularly used appliances, you can easily keep their surfaces clean by getting a small vacuum cleaner.

There are many on the market, but one is more satisfying to build, and this Project Instructables It’s easy to create. They are small and require easy-to-find materials such as a syringe, motor, connector, and on/off switch.

5. Pocket Size Vacuum Cleaner

If you don’t like seeing dust or dirt around you, this pocket sized vacuum cleaner is made instructions It will change the rules of the game. It’s compact enough to slip into your pocket and is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the black jute upholstery used to cover it (but you can use any color or fabric you prefer).

In terms of the actual features, it has a built-in storage nozzle, a small brush for easy dust removal, and a micro-USB port for easy charging. This mini vacuum cleaner also has a switch to switch between the blower and suction functions, and you can even operate it directly from the DC adapter. For a vacuum cleaner of its size, it’s incredibly practical.

6. Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

Need a quick, temporary keyboard vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner project you can do with your little one? Check out this easy-to-make mini cleaner made from household items including plastic bottle, drinking straw, and cardboard. A tactile switch is attached to a microdriver, as used in a CD/DVD player. Watch the video to see how to build this fun project.

7. DIY cyclone vacuum cleaner

A regular vacuum cleaner makes life easier, but a cyclone vacuum makes it even easier. This type of vacuum features a cyclone filter that uses centrifugal force to separate larger debris from finer dirt, unlike standard filters. Results? You need to vacuum it less often and you’ll get consistent suction power, which means a cleaner space every time you vacuum.

Now imagine a cyclone broom without a bag! This is what follows this Instructables . Tutorial Lets you build. Instead of the bag, the dust is directed into a recycled plastic container, which makes emptying it very easy.

8. Vacuum cleaner from the bottle

Commercial vacuum cleaners have excellent features, but in the end they do the same job: sucking up dust, fur, and other debris to keep your space clean. If that’s all you need from a vacuum cleaner and not any other extra features like a blower, then skip the commercial vacuum costs and try building this incredibly simple vacuum cleaner, detailed Instruction Manual.

It’s made from two bottles and assembled together using common materials and supplies such as a glue gun, Fevicol adhesive, thread, wire, and a tin plate. She uses a washer tube for the hose, but if you have a better alternative, feel free to use it.

9. Adaptive vacuum cleaner

Tired of buying too many vacuum cleaners because they break down all the time? Convert your last broken down vacuum cleaner to this adaptive vacuum cleaner. It has a wooden enclosure to house the various components and can run on any motor and hose.

So, if you still have the hose from your first vacuum and a motor from a recently damaged one, you just need to build a wooden enclosure, 3D print some components, and you’re good to go. check the Instruction Manual To build this vac. If you’d like to do some recycling, check out our guide to a quick fix and keep up with common household appliances.

10. Vacuum cleaner from hair dryer

You don’t have a vacuum cleaner, but you have an old hair dryer in your junk mailbox? Transform it into a functional vacuum cleaner. The hair dryer already has a motor to blow hot air, so you won’t need to find one for this project. The remaining parts are easy to assemble, and Instruction Manual It explains in detail each step.

This broom has a surprisingly large suction and can clean dust and any small debris, from small wires to pads. You can modify it with a powerful motor to upgrade its performance.

DIY a Vac today

For good reason, the vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly one of the most used household appliances. It comes with a hose that makes it very easy to clean hard-to-reach places like behind sofas. Simply put, it greatly facilitates cleaning and does not require much maintenance. Enjoy recreating any of the awesome DIY tools above.

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