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10 wearable devices for your dog

So you have all the wearables you could want and just realized your dog doesn’t? Well, you don’t have to feel bad about it. You can always get some high-tech and highly priced pieces in the market, or you can skip the costs and make your pampered wearable pup even more special by DIYing it. We’ve rounded up ten great wearables for your dog, to get ideas to get you started.

1. Dog Camera Live Streaming

Do you have a free-spirited puppy, and you let him roam free and alone at least once a day? The live dog cam is among the most functional wearables you can ever make for them. It’s Raspberry Pi powered to livestream your dog’s movements, and it’s solar powered, so it’s sustainable.

It’s also weatherproof, which means if it rains or shines, the live stream will always be clear. Worried about someone else trying to watch your broadcast? You can secure it using the MJPG setting as shown in the file Instruction Manual. Also check out our guide to selecting the best Raspberry Pi model for your next project.

2. Galaxy Dog Sweater

Each puppy looks adorable, cute and full of personality in this dog sweater. Creating this amazing galactic dog sweater will do just that and more. It’s wired with the Adafruit Feather and neoPixel ring lights that glow in the dark. So besides keeping your furry friend warm, it will also prevent you from stepping on him when you wake up drowsy for a glass of water in the middle of the night. Plus it’s washable! check the Instructables . Tutorial To build this jacket. Here are some other DIY projects that every pet owner would love to try.

3. Internet of Things dog collar

This IoT collar is another perfect wear for a dog who loves to roam and explore. It contains five sensors, a buzzer and LED strips. Results? Fido’s path can light up after dark or if you run with them before dawn. but that is not all …

The IoT Dog Collar allows you to remotely track your pup’s location, stay on top of his temperature, and even track his activities around the house when you’re away. And they cost a lot less than commercial wearables that don’t even boast all these great features. check the Instruction Manual For instructions on how to complete this project.

4. Smart Dog Collar

Obedience training is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your dog. Basic commands such as sit, stand, no and stop can help you address behavior problems in dogs and allow you to better live with them. Plus it’s good for their safety too. But training a dog to obey isn’t always easy, especially if it’s easy to motivate (which most dogs do).

Making a smart dog collar will make this endeavor easier. Powered by Arduino, features a bonus sign to prompt your pup to properly and kindly obey your commands. this is دليل Guide He does a good job of breaking down the steps to successfully complete this project.

5. PCB dog collar

If you already have a tracker and a training collar for Fido, why not make them a necklace? And just like your adorable furry friend, he doesn’t have to be mediocre. Take it to another level by incorporating a PCB and some multi-colored LEDs into the design. During the day it looks cool and at night it lights up. If you don’t have a puppy but know someone who owns one and loves it, this necklace would make a thoughtful DIY electronics gift. check the Instruction Manual For a list of supplies.

6. LED dog harness distance indicator

If you like letting Fido lose when you’re out on a walk, but are naturally stimulated and will run too far or wander off, try making this dog sneer as shown in Project Instructables. It has LEDs that glow red (but you can use any color you can think of), making it easy to spot Fido among other dogs. It is paired with a constantly talking transmitter to help you keep track of your pup’s distance. Here are some amazing DIY LED projects that you can build.

7. GoPro Dog Harness

Have you already got a GoPro for a puppy? This is a pampered dog. And it’s okay to spoil your best friend. After all, it’s not like you expect anything from them when they get older. However, you will need to securely mount your GoPro to your pup to ensure you are getting proper shots. And if you absolutely want them to come back with it after an adventure, a belt is the best solution.

You can buy one, but GoPros are already expensive enough, so build a strap with an easy to follow Instruction Manual. Besides, seeing your dog wearing something you made yourself would be satisfying.

8. Dog health tracker

Wearable technology has come a long way. We now have wearable devices for dogs that, in addition to location tracking, can also monitor your dog’s vitals, allowing you to keep up with their health. These wearables can help you alleviate common dog issues such as lactation and obesity.

But while the features are attractive, it is still a relatively new trend, which makes the price unattractive. You can bypass the high costs of purchasing a health monitor by building one. And if you haven’t tried anything of this scale before, here’s a file Instruction Manual A DIY dog health tracker based on Raspberry Pi, to make the process easier.

9. USB Rechargeable Harness LED Mod

If you regularly walk your dog at night and want to make this fun task easier for him, this rechargeable harness is a good DIY project to spend your time on. It has a strip of ten LEDs that runs on a USB rechargeable power supply, which means you won’t be buying batteries anytime soon. Components are sewn tightly under the harness so they light up without affecting your pup. It’s an excellent supplement, especially if Fido is in his old age and has vision problems. Check out how to build it in Instruction Manual.

10. EL wire light-up dog harness

For another try on the light dog harness, give this EL (electrical) wire a shot. It runs on a Li-ion battery and has a SparkFun EL wire tuned to an EL sequencer to automatically light the LEDs when it’s dark. You don’t even have to do anything. The DIY process is somewhat technical, but Instruction Manual It lists all the supplies and links to some very useful resources, so you should have an easy time creating one. Once you have it, it can be your prototype for other wearables like jackets or even a backpack.

Build your own wearable pup

You can never spoil a dog too much. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve had anything on her, do the right thing today, and make her any of the wearables covered in this guide. While you’re at it, you can also 3D print some useful accessories for your pet.

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