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11 adorable DIY Christmas gifts that your family and friends will love

It’s the season to prepare gifts, prepare gift registers, and look for gift offers because grandma and others will be waiting by the christmas tree for their presents on christmas morning. While buying gifts is a Christmas tradition, it’s not the only option. You can always make some gifts at home to make it even more special. If you don’t mind messing around, here are 11 awesome DIY Christmas gifts that your family and friends will love

1. Christmas gift box

Want to give your gift in style? Make this DIY Christmas gift box, as shown in this Huster guide. It wirelessly connects to another gift box through Particle Photon panels so all LEDs turn on automatically when one is opened, and the three boxes play some soft Christmas tunes. There’s one more thing this gift box can do that a normal gift box can’t: it sends an email automatically when you open it! It is undoubtedly the best way to send this Christmas gift to your friend or family away.

2. Wireless charger with sound sensitive luster

Running out of ideas on what to get your favorite family member from? Get them a device charger. We all use chargers nowadays, and they’re always prone to getting lost, so rest assured that your loved ones will never turn them down. However, make it more special than a normal charger by experimenting with the idea in this Instruction Manual.

Using the Arduino Pro Micro, the genius behind it has added some interactive lighting that changes the lighting state based on the music on your desktop. And it can be done in just three steps, so if you’re not much crafty, this is the perfect Christmas gift to try out for yourself.

3. Electronic Christmas tree

Christmas trees are an unavoidable Christmas tradition, but that doesn’t mean you should stick with the large pine trees that occupy every room in your living room. You can make your own Christmas tree small and easy to transport and display, as in this Huster guide.

Based on an Arduino and a custom tree-shaped PCB, this electronic Christmas tree is so compact that you can place it on your console or any other surface you find convenient. here more Awesome DIY smart Christmas trees to add sparkle to the festivities.

4. LED MagicCube

Getting out of bed in the middle of the night is something most of us despise because, first, it means disrupting sleep, and second, the eyes take their sweet time to fully adjust to low light, so the probability of hitting your pinky toe on something is always high.

While you can’t do anything about a sleep disorder, you can at least help your loved one save their pinky finger from pain by building this LED cube, as shown in Instruction ManualAs a Christmas gift. It is bright, changes color when clicked, and is so compact that they can easily carry it wherever they want.

5. Waterproof speaker

Some people like to spend Christmas indoors, folded in a blanket by the fire, and with their loved ones around. Others don’t mind the cold and will explore whatever is open to the great outdoors. If your loved one falls into the second category, build a waterproof MP3 player speaker by following this Instruction Manual. Alternatively, they can use it while showering.

If this gift is not quite suitable for your loved one, you can check it DIY Unique Speakers You can build it and gift it.

6. Vodka gift box

We all have someone who lives by the quote, “I’ll give up vodka, but I’m not giving up.” The kind of person who will find you in the depths of your thoughts and say something like “Don’t worry, don’t cry, drink vodka and fly!”

While a bottle of fancy vodka would make them the perfect Christmas present, everyone else would try to get them. SoAnd the Why not go the extra mile and make this awesome vodka gift box? Based on the ATtiny84 microcontroller, it features RGB lighting with three modes: static color, rotating color, and game mode. Check out how to build it in Instruction Manual.

7. The art of slow dance

Do you have a decorator or an art lover in your life? Build this slow dance frame, as shown in Instruction ManualAnd they will definitely love you a little more every time they see it on display. It features a reclaimed wood construction that is guaranteed to blend in with any interior and a pair of feathers attached to magnets, spring strips, and many other elements to make it appear as if it’s on the move. If the person you want to gift is a fan of the arts, here are some of them Art projects in motion that add class You can build them and give them gifts.

8. The Speaking Clock

Most people who have set the alarm still have trouble waking up even after it has ringed. Results? The alarm wakes everyone but them. Do you know such a person? This talking watch was made hacker You will make the perfect Christmas gift for them. Once it reaches the set time, the clock speaks every minute, making it impossible for even the deepest of sleepers to ignore it. It also talks about the time when the button is pressed and informs you of the time after each hour. The best part? It speaks both English and Portuguese, plus you can always modify it to speak in the languages ​​you see fit.

Check out these others DIY Alarm Clocks to Start a Great Morning You can build it. If your loved one prefers watches instead, you can gift them Custom casual watch in a statement piece.

9. Heart rate lamp

Want to declare how much you love that special person in your life with a Christmas gift? Look no further than this heart rate lamp. It features some RGB LEDs paired with an Arduino Nano that turn on and off as if to simulate a heartbeat. Check details at Huster guide.

10. Wireless remote control car

Nothing brings people together like a remote control car. These small, easy-to-manage gadgets are usually just as great for most adults as they are for kids. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank just to buy one as a Christmas gift for your favorite nephew. You can make one using PVC pipe! Yes, you read that correctly! PVC pipe. And to control, just modify your broken car receiver and you will have a fully functional remote control. The Instruction Manual More details.

11. Smart water bubble lamp

When paired correctly, water and light always seem to match in heaven and this clever water bubble lamp is proof of that. Using an aquarium pump to produce bubbles, it features an array of WS2812B pixel LEDs that can be controlled by an Arduino to display in over a hundred lighting patterns and nearly endless color combinations. check the Instruction Manual To complete this project.

Transform your gifting experience by DIYing this Christmas

Christmas is the season for fun, exchanging gifts, and keeping up with old cousin Marty, whom you haven’t seen all year. We hope the above gifts will fill your favorite humans with joy this Christmas. Happy building!

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