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11 AMAZING DIY projects to instantly make your room more interesting

Decorating a room, whether it is a bedroom, kitchen or living room, is a never ending process. There are days when you will wake up and want to switch everything up, and there are days when you will genuinely love everything in your space but want to change a few details.

If you wake up with a desire to transform the look of your space, these 11 amazing DIY projects will instantly make your room more interesting. It’s an excellent yet affordable way to beautify not only your home but also your Airbnb space.

1. Lifting hour

Imagine you are walking into a room where the clock is floating without any support? She’s sure to lose your socks, and if you’re a curious soul, you’ll want to know her secret.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look elsewhere because of this steerableNot only will you discover how it works, but you will also get step-by-step instructions on how to make your own flying watch at home. You can also check out other amazing DIY clock ideas that will transform your home or office.

2. Mandalorian glowing image

Picture frames do a great job of defining a room’s personality, but what if you’re tired of staring at the same old frames you’ve had years ago?

Add some LED lights and motion detection features as shown in this steerable To transform them from plain frames into gorgeous, glowing frames that will be an instant icebreaker and add a dazzling touch to your room.

3. Animated LED lights with bluetooth speaker fire pit and interactive sound frame

What’s better than sitting around the fire on a cool evening with great company while sipping on your favorite drink? Honestly, only a few experiments beat it, but if you want to take things to a higher level during your evenings around the fire, make this a fire pit Bluetooth speaker.

It will not only blast your favorite tunes, but also features a flame that moves to the melody! And if that wasn’t interesting enough, it also features moving LEDs. Take a look at this steerable To find out all about her.

4. The art of slow dance

A glowing picture frame is cool, but even more mind-blowing is a picture frame that makes things like flowers or feathers appear to move. That’s exactly what this is steerable Lets you create.

Slow dance photo frame takes advantage of our limited visual perception to create the illusion of slow dance or movement through real and delicate objects such as flowers or feathers. It makes icebreaking great, especially if you’re an Airbnb host trying to beautify a room and not fall apart in the process.

5. Interactive coffee table

Want to create a fun gaming experience for your Airbnb guests? Or are you tired of following the same nightly entertainment routine? If you answered yes to either or both questions, make this Bluetooth-controlled interactive coffee table, and thank us later.

You can play animations on it, play with different but cool LED effects, or even your favorite old school games like Mario Kart. You will need an Arduino Mega, a plywood, foam board, acrylic, self-tapping screws, a Bluetooth module, and all the supplies included in this steerable To build one at home.

6. Custom nanolife lights

Nanoleaf bulbs have been one of the best-selling smart lighting products for the home in recent years, and for good reason; They come in all shapes, from small triangles to hexagons. Plus, they can be stacked in any shape or size, allowing for more creative decorating opportunities.

But while they are excellent, they often come with hefty price tags, which is why making them at home is an excellent idea. Before you protest, it’s easy to do, and this steerable It does a good job of simplifying the process.

7. DIY Addams family mansion with lighting sequence

Remember the haunted and dilapidated mansion featured in the classic 1991 movie, The Addams Family? Well, it wasn’t real, but it was without a doubt among the coolest parts of the movie. Fortunately, you can always make a mini version of it and turn it into reality.

The best part about this project is that it requires basic supplies like corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, hot glue, and other supplies that are well detailed in this steerable. And if you’re an expert repairman, you can always customize it with extra supplies, to suit your fancy type.

8. RGB WiFi lamp

If you always wanted to do an RGB lighting project but kept putting it off because the tutorials you find complicated, this is steerable It is just for you. It comprehensively breaks down each part, from what supplies are needed and why you’ll need them to every step you’ll need to take. And you don’t need a lot of technical or computer expertise because it’s specially created for every beginner.

9. ESP LED burner

Do you love the warm and cozy vibe of a fireplace in the living room, but hate making it by hand? Or, do you simply enjoy the alluring aura of an indoor fireplace?

If yes, then you will love this ESP LED stove. It’s lit by LEDs and controlled by an Arduino, so no labor is required to set it up or feed it. It will add a warm and cozy aesthetic to your space. Check out this guide on instructions To easily complete this project.

10. Casino Clock

visualize this; A clock that flips a deck of cards to tell the time! Attractive and innovative at the same time is what we call it, and by following it Instruction ManualYou can make one for your space. It’s a great addition to Airbnb and also an excellent gift, especially for the casino lover in your life.

11. Bladeless fan

Are you tired of hearing the buzzing sound your fans make every day? Worried that one day your blade propeller might explode and break free from the stand, falling for you in the process? This bladeless fan is an excellent replacement for your standard fan. See how it’s made here in this Instruction Manual. Also, feel free to check out more cool fan ideas that you can try out for yourself.

Create your own way to a fun room today

If you feel like your living space or Airbnb is less than great, you can always make things up to make it more interesting. We’ve rounded up all of these amazing projects that are guaranteed to breathe new life into any setting. So, feel free to make replicas of any of these projects using the linked guides or customize your favorite project.

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