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11 Thoughtful DIY Thanksgiving Gifts

Time and ebb and flow wait for no one; According to the proverb, eagerly awaited holidays like Thanksgiving are always fast approaching. Do you have something planned for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday? amazing! Whether you’re at or hosting your best friend’s house, here are 11 thoughtful DIY Thanksgiving gifts your loved ones will appreciate.

1. turn signal cycling jacket

Do you have a friend who is cruising around town on two wheels for fun? They will appreciate this cycling jacket.

Cycling gear costs a ton, so giving them this turn signal jacket will save them some nifty bucks on a similar accessory. It is stitched with 16 Arduino-controlled LilyPad LEDs designed as turn signals to indicate which direction the cyclist is taking.

When paired with a reflector, the turn signal jacket will increase its visibility on the road, and therefore its safety. check the Instruction Manual For detailed instructions on how to complete this project. Here are some Arduino wearable projects that you can do.

2. Arduino arcade game

Want to inject a little fun into your Thanksgiving evening? Make a candy claw making machine. It’s the only classic game that Millennials, GenZers, and Baby boomers can enjoy collectively. Plus, despite being frustrated, most adults still admit that they are drawn to the claw machine, and think, “Maybe today is my lucky day.” Everything you need for this project is well detailed in Instruction Manual. Check out these Arduino based projects for beginners if you need an easier project to try first.

Roast turkey is the centerpiece of a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. But why do we have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? Sentimentalists argue that it was the main dish for the first-ever Thanksgiving dinner, and realists believe it’s because it provides enough to tamp around on Thanksgiving.

Whichever category you’re in, gifting your host a 3D-printed Thanksgiving turkey is a nice touch considering they’ve spent their day carving a turkey away and preparing a feast for you. check the Hackster tutorial to complete this project. Before you start working on a 3D printed turkey, it would be a good idea to learn 3D printing in place using these projects to get inspiration on how to further personalize this gift.

4. Lockable gift box

Want to make sure your gift only reaches the recipient’s hand regardless of whether or not you’ll be there when they open it? Then make this lockable gift box. It’s Arduino based and comes with a potentiometer dial that you can use to write the initials of the recipient and who it is. Check out our step-by-step DIY instructions, supplies, and code in a file Project Instructables.

5. Tidal Clock

Do you have a surfer or a loved one on your Thanksgiving shopping list? Giving them a tidal hour is thoughtful. As the name implies, tidal clocks tell you when the tides are at their highest or lowest. They function just like regular watches, except for the 12 and 6 numbers on a standard watch, which are marked with high and low tides respectively. Also, most have an extra 25 minutes in their full spin time instead of 12 hours.

this is Instruction Manual Features a DIY tidal clock project concept that you can improve. Here are some great watches that you can DIY as a gift.

6. Real life coin block

Coin collecting is a thing. Coin collectors have an official name, numismatist, and before you bite your tongue, it is pronounced “noo-miz-ma-tist.”

So, do you have a money specialist in your life? Or do you know someone who denies they are one, yet sticks to a bunch of coins from different countries? This real coin block will impress them this Thanksgiving. It’s also an excellent gift for any Mario Bros fanatic who wants to test what it’s like to get a coin from a block. Check out how to complete this project on their site Help page.

7. Marble Clock

The Rolling Ball Clock is a great watch. Instead of the regular mechanism featuring gears and springs, it uses balls and rods to move the clockwise. It is an incredibly unique concept that was first designed in the 18th century and improved in the 1970s.

The rolling ball clock is hard to come by, especially now that we are in the age of the smartphone and smartwatch. So gifting a watch lover this Thanksgiving is a good idea. Learn how to build a DIY round clock in this Instruction Manual.

8. Slow Motion Frame

We all have that friend who is in all things decor. They’ll talk décor for hours, drag you into décor shopping stores you didn’t know existed, and swipe thousands for a quality piece with a smile.

This DIY slow motion frame will prove that you really pay notice and respect their attention. The objects embedded in real life (you can use anything from roses to feathers) move so hypnotic that anyone will be stuck in the frame for hours.

It would undoubtedly serve as a pivotal feature they didn’t know they needed. check the Project Instructables For a detailed explanation of how to build it. Here are some animated art ideas to add a classroom to any space.

9. Musical shoes

Imagine you have sneakers that sound every time you hit the ground. It would be a great way to practice your moves without carrying a bunch of electronic devices to the dance floor. And if you know an avid dancer, this pair will be a game changer because it means they can flaunt their profession anytime and anywhere. Look Instruction Manual For the supplies you’ll need.

10. PCB necklace

With everyone getting something, it can be difficult to get a gift for the dog lover in your life that they will use. If you hate tossing your gifts in the trash after a while, build a PCB contract to take your gift to another level, as shown in Instruction Manual. It glows in the dark. Hence it is ideal, especially if they tend to walk after dark a lot.

Besides the glowing part that requires custom PCB fabrication, you will have DIY, making your gift special. Here are some wearable devices that can be worn by dogs.

11. Origami 3D beating heart

Origami is an art form that involves paper folding. It is a Japanese term derived from “oru” Which means paper folding, and “kami” means paper. Although it is a popular hobby, only a few people know how to successfully make a piece of origami.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in the art of origami to make this 3D “beating” heart as a Thanksgiving gift for your loved one. With the printed template a little bit of cutting, folding and gluing is required, while the Arduino controls its own LED. check the Instructables . Tutorial For details on how to build it.

DIY Special Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving is important, and the best way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them is to just go out of your way and create a gift for them. We’ve rounded up some great DIY Thanksgiving ideas and concepts to get your ball rolling.

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