15 Halloween Costume Ideas for DIY Kits You Can Try in 2022

15 Halloween Costume Ideas for DIY Kits You Can Try in 2022

With the arrival of October comes the inevitable question: What will you be doing for Halloween? Wearing your own costume provides you with an opportunity to showcase your creativity, a feat that’s even more impressive when carried as a group – and even more sustainable when your craft crew said about the costumes rather than buying them.
While it’s tempting to order a costume through Amazon or head to your nearest Spirit Store, deciding on your own to use your own costume is better for the environment. And the your wallet. It is estimated that we spent about $3.3 billion on fashion just last year In the US, this quick, heavy-duty plastic method often ends up in trash or donation piles – aka landfill – after only wearing it once.
Instead of wasting money and resources on a store-bought outfit, get your collection together for some extra time and make your own curated collections. (Even if you’re not looking to match, a costume swap party can help you reuse costumes from previous years.)

From classic ghosts to favorite food items, these DIY Halloween costumes will keep you in a sustainably spooky atmosphere.

15 DIY Halloween Costume Set

1. sexy girls

Photo: Ting and Things

Spice Girls go literal with this group trivia outfit. While the above shakers are professionally printed in vivid clarity, we challenge you to draw or paint your own spice label—even directly on an old tee or save up to cut back on materials.

2. Milkshake flavors

Photo: Studio DIY

An appropriately colored dress, white hat or beanie, and partially inflated red balloon combine for a memorable (and very cute) outfit. Don’t forget to shake!

3. Greek gods

Halloween costume set

Photo: Tell Love and Party

Wear the clothes of the Greek gods and goddesses forever. Choose from a gold, silver or white palette and conquer your closet for your most luxurious outfits – or go the toga route and secure some sheets.

Necklaces (or even live vines) can serve as legendary headpieces, litter box lids become shields, and lightning bolts can easily be made out of cardboard. After that, all you need is a “worship me” attitude.

4. Bitlemania

Photo: Camille Styles

Channel the British Invasion with your favorite vintage costume and vinyl accessory. The more participants in this group, the better – the more signs and screams, the more obsessive.

5. scarecrows

Halloween costume set

Photo: Sugar bee crafts

Be honest: You already own this outfit. Flannel, denim, cowboy boots and a straw hat turn into a massive scarecrow with the addition of some stray straw stuffed into sleeves and boots.

6. macaroni

Photo: Studio DIY

The possibilities are as endless as pasta shapes galore. Put on the white outfit and make an exaggerated piece of felt noodles, pinning it to the front of your ensemble. The fork is the only accessory you will need.

7. flower children

Photo: The house that Lars built

The classic hippie costume gets a creative upgrade with unique, homemade headpieces. Elevate your favorite headband with cardboard cutouts – think sunshine, stars or hearts – painted in all your favorite shades.

8. Inside and outside

Halloween costume set

Photo: beautiful indeed

You are basically just a few steps away from a night in the car. Although a small fry costume does involve some serious craftsmanship, the role as an In n Out employee is as easy as an all-white kit and a piece of red cloth—plus or minus a hat sourced from the establishment.

And what about the burger? Just give your nude dress a temporary upgrade with fitted fabric and layering in matching colors.

9. Roller coaster

Photo: Pelican State of Mind

Sprinkle some old-fashioned pool noodles and stick to your cause – this outfit is all about commitment to theatrical show.

10. Party Animals

Halloween costume set

Photo: Lauren Conrad

This outfit is all about the ears (and the horns)! Channel your inner party animal with a slipcover and ears of your choice, an accessory that offers a great opportunity for a moment maker.

(Pro tip: Don’t forget your cocktail glass.)

11. weather

Photo: Studio DIY

aesthetically weather It’s a somewhat abstract concept – so dressing up like you’re on a sunny day or a monsoon is a great opportunity to think outside the box. Sunshine can be as simple as a yellow dress and homemade hoodie, while an all-gray outfit plus an umbrella is all you need for the rain.

12. Lot

Photo: Fun Thought

This deceptively simple outfit doubles as an opportunity to recycle a basic white tee. Merry Thought offers stylized designs – just print on iron transfer paper! Or, if you’re in a particularly artistic mood, create your own stone, paper, and scissors.

13. Avocado toast ingredients

Halloween costume set

Photo: hello cool

The best avoid toast comes fully loaded. Decorate the T-shirts to mimic your favorite ingredients, or grab some custom cardboard boxes for the recycling bin and get paint.

14. essential oils

Photo: Beautiful Mess

As with the Spice Girls costume, dressing up as your favorite essential oil allows plenty of room for sustainable art and personalization.

15th. ghosts!

Halloween costume set

Photo: The house that Lars built

Good old ghosts feel a touch more modern when the bed sheets come in a pastel color palette.

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