17 DIY Christmas decorations to make for 2022

17 DIY Christmas decorations to make for 2022

Decorating your home is fun any time of year, but there’s just something special about decorating the halls in December. The warm season Things are going in leaps and bounds and there is no better salve for the shorter, darker days than to light up your home with them candles The cornucopia lights flash. And while I love nothing more than a good old Target trip to browse and buy everything in sight, there are more affordable and sustainable ways to up the festive ante. DIY Christmas decorations, anyone?

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When the last month of the year comes, you can make me ornaments, Homemade gifts, wreaths of all stripes. While writing away, I dried oranges on the stove and put tinsel stars in the windows. During this holiday season, Christmas movie marathonand bread galore, it might be a pleasure to contribute to the festivities with a little handmade, festive flair.

So let’s make this magic together. Below, I’m sharing my favorite Christmas decorations that I found through hours of scrolling on Pinterest (please tell me you can link). They cover minimalist and minimalist aesthetics, traditional Scandinavian designs, and advent calendars you won’t believe you made yourself. Let the crafting begin!

17 DIY Christmas decorations to bring the festivity home

DIY Star Paper Bags from Merrythought

Paper bag stars Everywhere Immediately. I’d like to think it’s because they’re pretty while being incredibly easy to make. If you have a bundle of paper bags, glue, scissors, a hole punch, and string, you’re ready to go. Stars look beautiful hung in windows or strung together over a dining room table.

DIY advent calendar from WTF Honestly

Beautiful advent calendars abound, but I can’t think of one more exciting than this. It’s bold yet simple, with beautiful pops of jewel tones that perfectly reflect the holiday season. With the offer’s short list, you have no excuses Not To use up precious wall space on this calendar.

DIY eucalyptus wreath from Oh My Home

Take a break from traditional wreaths and opt for a little foliage. Eucalyptus smells like fresh pine and adds a small, soft layer of color to your space. If overhauling your space feels overwhelming, focus on the small details.

Call Me Cupcake Dried Orange Wreath

Dried orange wreaths have grown in popularity over the past few years. They’re easy to make, celebrate the citrus of the season, and don’t require a dehydrator (awesome!). Plus, it looks amazing against any cascade of greenery.

DIY Gingerbread House Gift Boxes from The House That Lars Built

If you’re lacking skills in the home-made gingerbread department, this cardboard version is an easy and elegant solution. Anand They double as the perfect gift wrap (just in case you need to work on building your ingenuity there, too).

DIY wreath from an everyday thing

If you’ve ever tried to make a wreath before, you know that it takes both art and strength. Fortunately, wreaths are trending minimalist. Just string some greenery together, add some floral embellishments and you’re all set.

Ornaments made of vegetable clay from semi-stories

If you love the look of handmade ceramics but want to make something a little less involved, kiln-dry clay is an easy way to go. This is almost like making cookies. Head outdoors for a nature walk and collect all the leaves and botanical pieces to decorate your ornaments (bonus: they double as amazing gift wraps).

Dalla horse ornament and gift wrap from Frances et Moi

Dala horses are traditional carved wooden horses representing the Swedish province of Dalarna. with Dala Horse Cookie Cutterpolymer clay, and a permanent marker, you have everything you need to whip out a bunch of them for decorations, gift wraps, and gifts for friends.

DIY Wooden Gingerbread Houses by Kelly Elko

How cute is this gingerbread village? The best part is that this simple DIY is completely customizable – buy it Empty wooden houses And go to town adding snow, sleighs, and whatever else your holiday-loving heart desires.

Christmas decorations with toilet paper rolls from Ohoh Blog

Before you give away your toilet paper rolls, first ask what cool Christmas decorations you can make. Acrylic paint and some strategic confetti elevate the upcycling for bright graphic embellishments that add a much-needed pop of color.

Clay mushroom ornaments from paper and stitch

While mushrooms may not be your first choice for a tree, believe me: It’s trending. Everywhere I look, I see grainy red and white mushrooms and sparkling frogs. But nothing is prettier than these pretty girls painted in pastel colours. And I just learned: Mushrooms are a symbol of good luck. Be sure to catch up on the new year!

Advent Christmas paper houses from Delia Creates

I love the idea of ​​a disjointed advent calendar. Instead of keeping yours on the wall, weave it into your holiday decor by placing these paper houses on your mantle or create a winter wonderland on the shelf.

Paper Christmas star from Photowall

Sculpted yet simple, these paper stars would make a gorgeous geometric wreath. I love the idea of ​​using funky colors that still evoke the warmth and comfort of the season.

DIY Hand Crochet Garland From The Merry Thought

Would you like to get into knitting? I was intimidated to get started, but this easy tutorial is a great way to get started. Pull up your favorite Christmas movie and get cozy on the couch. Oh, and you don’t even have to have needles—your hands work perfectly.

Putz A-Frame Home Decoration from A Beautiful Mess

How adorable is this tiny house? Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of getting my own woodland tire, but this nice guy has to. I’m going to arrange them in my tree and have plans to share them with friends too.

DIY Beanie Decoration from Call Me Cupcake

I started making these mini guys last month and I’ll confirm: me obsessed. They are much easier than they look and great in the tree or lined up along your windows. They will also be the sweetest gift.

DIY colorful homes advent calendar from sugar and cloth

If you’re tired of all the white, green, and red, add this advent calendar to the mix. It adds a whimsical touch and kids will love pulling their treats out of each house.

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