20 Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations You Can DIY

20 Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations You Can DIY

Since Halloween is fast approaching, the scary decorations section in your area Walmart Maybe it looks a little barren, not everyone has Halloween spirit around the corner. Not only that, but you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive decor. If so, don’t worry – there’s still time to create some inexpensive and last-minute decorations.

Or, maybe you’re all set for Halloween night, but you want some ideas of fun crafts to complement with your family or friends. If so, making some extra embellishments might be the perfect project. high end living He says DIY projects will save money, make you think creatively, and bring your loved ones together. And homemade decorative pieces will give your home a unique design.

Even if DIY tools aren’t your thing, you’ll be able to complete the following projects. Each one requires only a few inexpensive materials and is very easy to make. below 20 Halloween Decorations to create at home.

1. Happy Halloween Banner

If you’re having a Halloween party, you’ll need something to welcome your guests, like a Happy Halloween banner. To do this, cut out letters from cardboard or draw them on triangular banners and connect them together.

2. Painted Pumpkin

If you are not interested in the idea of ​​carving a pumpkin, you can paint it instead. This project would be perfect for those with young children who aren’t ready for a sharp carving knife yet.

3. Paper bats

Paper bats can be affixed to walls, entryways or balustrades to make your home look like a haunted house. All you have to do is trace and cut the bats out of the black construction paper.

4. Bloody imprint

If you want your house to look like a crime scene, dip your hands in red and press it against the windows or garage doors.

5. Recycled monsters

A fun way to reuse items like water bottles, plastic cups, and tin cans is to turn them into cute monsters. Get out the paint, construction paper, googly eyes and get creative.

6. Spider Felt

You can also group felt spiders together and place them on your walls or in fake spider webs. To make it look friendly, add big eyes, or if you want a more realistic look, you can get rid of the eyes and leave them clear.

7. Haunted Spell Books

To create a magical setting, you will need potions and spell books. An easy way to create spelling books is to cover the books with black cardboard and mark them with a white marker.

8. Colored mug

To spice up hot chocolate or cider cups, draw a skeleton face and cut out cardboard bats for straws.

9. Ghosts of handkerchiefs

To surround your home with ghosts, make a wreath out of napkins. You can tie them together with orange tape and use a permanent marker to paint over the faces.

10. Witch’s Broom

broom stick mode near your front door It will make it look like a witch has entered your house. To build one, attach small branches to the end of a larger stick.

11. Mummy Jars

These mummy jars can make a fun centerpiece for Halloween. To make it, glue the eyes, wrap the jars with gauze, add a candle.

12. Bleeding candles

Make bleeder candles by adding red food coloring to white candles. You can also drip wax from a red candle onto a white candle.

13. Ghost Leaves

These leaf ghosts are extremely easy to make. Simply gather a stack of papers and paint them white, then add the face with a black permanent marker. It can be stuck to your walls or hung along the railing.

14. Monster Paper Bags

Speaking of foliage, you probably want an easy way to clean up your garden while also making a fun decoration. If so, collect your papers in colorful trash bags and draw the face of a monster or a jack-o’-lantern.

15. Scary Lanterns

A fun way to jazz it up is by drawing scary scenes on it with a permanent marker. To get started, add a thin layer of paint to the jar, then paint over your design and add a candle.

16. Temporary Evidence

The classic way to decorate your yard with Halloween decor is to put together a cemetery scene. To make tombstones, you can cut them out of cardboard or plywood and paint them black or gray. Add your own creative elegy for an extra spooky look.

17. Halloween Wreath

While everyone else is putting together generic wreaths, you can make one specifically for Halloween. To do this, attach a spooky wreath to a wreath frame and glue the cutouts of pumpkins, ghosts, and bats.

18. Diorama Haunted House

You can also make a haunted house diorama out of cardboard and construction paper. Cover the windows with yellow paper to look like the light from inside, and fashion orange clay pumpkins.

19. Spider’s Web Series

An easy way to build a spider web is by using black thread. Simply attach the pieces together to assemble a net and hang it on the wall.

20. Creepy eyeballs

An easy way to make decorative eyeballs is to draw the design on white pingpong balls. To make it look like you’re collecting them, add them to jars with liquid and a bit of food coloring.

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