22 DIY Christmas card ideas

22 DIY Christmas card ideas

birthday It is the time of year that inspires us to go the extra mile for those closest to us. Whether cooking is delicious and unforgettable Christmas Eve dinnerMaking perfect gifts requires a lot of thought or care Planning a special date Your partner will adore you, and you’ll gladly commit to making things magical for your loved one.

This level of care and detail can also be applied to the Christmas cards you send to family and friends. While making a photo card online certainly has its charms and pre-made holiday cards can really show off your personality, there’s just something about a DIY Christmas card that just can’t be beat. Everyone will notice the thought and care you put into these card ideas – and handwritten Christmas wish The interior is the perfect finishing touch.

Crafted cards are just another way to give the season a festive feel. Such as personalized trinkets or The gifts you giveYour loved ones will forever treasure these homemade Christmas cards.

Ornament cut cards

Paper of All Things / Christine Desrosier of LCI Paper

With some magic tools and printable crafting, you’ll be able to make this card ornament that looks like it was made by a professional.

Get the tutorial at All Things Paper.

Christmas card “Joy”

Shiny Joy Christmas Card
Amy Latta’s creations

Joy is a very big part of the holiday season, and you can celebrate all those cheery vibes with a card that has the word along with lots of sparkle.

Get the tutorial at Amy Latta Creations.

Water card

Watercolor embossed card
Smiling colours

If you never considered yourself an artist, you might be surprised to learn that you can actually paint your own holiday cards with watercolors. it’s a So Much easier than you think, especially if you follow this tutorial.

Get the tutorial at Smiling Colors.

Printable holiday cards

Print your own Christmas cards
A beautiful mess

Instead of waiting and waiting for your photo cards to arrive in the mail, make your own with this vintage-inspired template.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

Triangle cards

Triangle Christmas tree cards
Non-game gifts

Making handmade cards is the perfect craft that you can do with your kids, and they will get excited when you turn the green triangles into Christmas trees.

Get the tutorial at Non-Toy Gifts.

Washi tape card

Washi tape Christmas tree card
full nester

Is there anything that is washi tape I can not an act? This card proves our point, all while adding glitz and glam to metallic cards.

Get the tutorial at The Full Nester.

GNOME popup card

gnome popup christmas card

This is the season of Christmas elfs! Replace Santa Claus with these bite-sized creatures this time.

Get the tutorial at OGCrafts.

Paint chip Christmas card

Christmas card with trees made of paint chips
One small project

All the paint chips you’ve collected over the years? Now they will finally serve a purpose other than sitting in the trash drawer.

Get the tutorial at One Little Project.

Drawn Christmas cards

Painted Christmas cards with holiday messages
Fox + Hazel

Get out your paintbrush and test your creativity with these art cards.

Get the tutorial at Fox + Hazel.

Christmas card decoration

Christmas card decoration
Abbotts at home

Instead of sending standard Christmas cards, why not dress up in some Christmas card ornaments instead? Your friends and family will be delighted with this card that doubles as a gift.

Get the tutorial at Abbotts At Home.

Fork coated cards

Christmas cards painted with thorns
projects with children

Who knew something as simple as a fork could create such beautiful holiday card designs? Help your kids with this fun Christmas craft.

Get the tutorial at Projects with Kids.

Embroidered Christmas card

Christmas card with embroidered wreath on the front
make me happy

Those little beads you couldn’t get enough of when you were little? As it turns out, they can do a lot more than make bracelets, like make a beaded garland on the front of a holiday card.

Get the tutorial at Craft Me Happy.

Snowman Christmas card

Card with a snowman and a letter
Kingston House

Frosty is sure to be proud of this DIY card, which features a cheery snowman with glitter detailing.

Get the tutorial at The Kingston Home.

Christmas card stamped

Christmas card stamped
Oh deco

For Christmas cards that look as if they were made by a real artist, look to these stamped creations that can be easily made.

Get the tutorial at Ohoh Deco.

“Merry & Bright” Card

Happy and bright birthday card
sprinkled with glitter

Featuring two of our favorite words to describe the season, this “Merry & Bright” card features a bit of faux wood veneer and a wreath decorated with berries and other festive accents.

Get the tutorial at Sprinkled with Glitter.

Snow globe card

Snow globe card
A beautiful mess

Everyone always enjoys receiving photo cards, but upgrade your cards by featuring a shot in a snow globe complete with loose sequins.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

Christmas card string art

String Art Christmas Cards
hello cool

While string art was undoubtedly a beloved pastime in the ’60s era, it’s making a comeback – just in time for Christmas.

Get the tutorial at Hello, Wonderful.

Watercolor decoration card

Watercolor christmas card decoration
Fox + Hazel

Turn your holiday cards into mini watercolor masterpieces with these steps.

Get the tutorial at Fox + Hazel.

Holly felt Christmas card

Holy felt christmas card with message
I heart Maggie

Although it seems like it took a long time to create this card, it only requires a few minutes of your time. Stick to a standard greeting or choose something personalized for the recipient.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Maggie.

“Let It Snow” Card

Let it be the snow card
Threads and tangles

Are you short on time? Get a white paint pen and draw a few snowflakes on a piece of cardstock.

Get the tutorial at Tangled Threads and Things.

3D Christmas card

3d christmas tree card
I heart Maggie

Make a birthday card that jumps off the page — literally — thanks to a few 3D touches.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Maggie.

Christmas pop-up card

Happy birthday pop up card
sweet tail

It’s always fun when the card reveals a surprise inside like a pop-up snowman or Christmas tree.

Get the tutorial at Sweet Teal.

Because cards and gifts go hand in hand

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