3 easy DIY tips to help you live more sustainably [Video]

3 easy DIY tips to help you live more sustainably [Video]

TikToker Tweet embed Share three very useful do it yourself Tips to help you live more green and sustainably! It is very important that we keep the plant in mind throughout our daily practices. Try these 3 hacks to do good for the planet!

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over here @ spicymoustache’s Three easy sustainable life superhero. Let us know which one you tried in the comments!

1. Aloe Vera Soap

cactus Soap is great for your hands, skin, and even your hair! Tweet embed He says it’s great moisturizerCan help fight skin aging and reduce young loveIt helps heal wounds. This is a great way to stop throwing away hand soap bottles and reduce them waste.

2. Soy wax

When he’s home in the evening, he likes to use it candles. Unfortunately, most store-bought candles contain a lot of chemicals and are not a good idea to inhale. Making your own soy candles can reduce waste and is also much better for your health. Plus, you can add any scents or fragrances you want! Tweet embed likes to use flowers And the herbs From his garden in candles, too.

3. Body scrub

Making your own body scrub is very easy and doesn’t contain all the plastics and chemicals that store-bought scrubs often have. Tweet embed Cucumber is used as a base scrub. he adds Sugar As an exfoliator because it says glycolic acid is very common in skin care But it is found naturally in sugar. It’s safe, cheap, and extremely effective!

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