3g Wireless, Advanced Image Robotics (AIR), Conference Technologies Inc.  (CTI), HLW International, and Rush Media renewed corporate sponsorship

3g Wireless, Advanced Image Robotics (AIR), Conference Technologies Inc. (CTI), HLW International, and Rush Media renewed corporate sponsorship

Sports Video Group is pleased to announce that 3g Wireless, Advanced Image Robotics (AIR), Conference Technologies Inc. (CTI), HLW International, and Rush Media have renewed their corporate sponsorship.

3g is an award-winning broadcast engineering services company that specializes in providing RF products and services for live remote productions, primarily to sports, entertainment and news companies. While 3G is a technology and engineering company, deep down it’s a company of people. 3g focuses on relationships with the people who represent its customers. The company is also about its employees and their unmatched talents. 3g employees combine an insatiable technical curiosity with over 100 years of experience in broadcast engineering. For customers, this is a powerful combination that allows 3g to fulfill one of its favorite sayings: “sorted”. It’s an expression that we feel perfectly describes the experience it provides to customers. With preparation, knowledge, and attention, 3g gets it right for you, so you don’t have to worry about that. 3g prides ourselves on delivering a seamless experience so you can focus on streaming.

AIR builds remote video capture, storage and distribution solutions for the digital age. The AIR platform combines robotics, machine intelligence, and an intuitive interface to simplify sophisticated camera control and reduce production costs. Video quality is in high demand on all platforms, and today it makes up more than 80% of global internet traffic. Despite the rapid advances in camera sensor technology, the controls for videographers are still somewhat outdated. They are expensive, difficult to use, expensive to run, require years of training, and produce mediocre results. AIR changes all of that. In short, the company brings precision and simplicity to sophisticated camera control and video content distribution. AIR’s founding team includes experts in manufacturing, supply chain, videography and production. AIR has deep experience with the world’s leading consumer technology brands, and collectively holds 11 Emmy Awards.

Since 1988, Conference Technologies, Inc. has provided (CTI) comprehensive technology services including design, engineering, training and support for professional audio, video, broadcast and control systems. Through a proven process, CTI designs, integrates and maintains complete sports production and broadcast systems for trusted interactive experiences. CTI’s approach to quality has been consistent – delivering the best in audiovisual and broadcast solutions. CTI’s media technology team is dedicated to service, quality, and customer satisfaction locally, nationally, and globally, and understands the specialized needs of customers in arenas and venues for connected sports and entertainment experiences.

HLW is an integrated architecture, interiors, strategy, planning and sustainability firm. With offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and London, they serve clients all over the world. HLW understands that every project is different, and they actively explore diverse ideas and cultures. As a result, each project expresses its clients’ unique goals and aspirations. The HLW Team, a mosaic of ideas that motivate creative people, ensures that no matter where you live, you’ll work with a global team whose mission is to create places that connect, engage, and inspire.

With clients that include every major network and sports league, Rush Media Company has a proven track record producing, packaging, and innovating live television productions at every level. With a fleet of more than 23 production units, offices and mobile facilities spread across the country, Rush Media Company is the leader in live event packaging. With 23 production vehicles currently in their fleet, Rush Media Company is uniquely positioned to provide you with the best production vehicle for your needs. All of our production vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and world-class engineers to ensure that your production is delivered with innovation and creativity.

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