5 Home Renovation Projects You Should Never Make Yourself According to Bolster

5 Home Renovation Projects You Should Never Make Yourself According to Bolster

Do-it-yourself projects can be a fun and cost-effective way to update your home—but some things are best left to the professionals.

Many people think they can save money but fail to take into account the level of skill and time required. It is important to be realistic about your capabilities and risk tolerance. You may decide that it is not worth an unfavorable aesthetic result, that things will go wrong in the future, or simply the amount of time to complete your project is enough to hire a professional to make sure it turns out exactly as you envision it.

datum A data-driven design firm in New York City, you get this straight.

“Renovations are complex, and your home is where you spend most of your time. To me, it doesn’t make sense to try to find a cheaper solution or a “DIY solution,” says Anna Karp, CEO and co-founder of Bolster.” Homeowners looking to speed up a project They may end up damaging their property and having to call in the experts – and thus spend more money – to save them from what they did.”

Anna recommends thinking about future resale value before you implement it yourself, as during inspections it becomes clear how good professional work has been invested in the house over time. Here are DIY tips and tricks from the team at Bolster.

5 renovation projects you should never try for yourself

Co-ops and condos require licensed professionals to do even small jobs – so anything outside of cosmetic upgrades is off-limits if you live in an apartment or co-op apartment building.

1. plumbing Plumbing is a skilled job that requires proper installation, so unless you’re a plumber, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Improper plumbing installation can lead to major problems down the road, for you and your neighbors – damage that you can be responsible for. In New York City, it may not even be possible to do the plumbing yourself, as many co-ops and condos have rules about what you can and cannot do on your own.

2. electricity Lighting fixtures are very easy to replace, but for larger electrical jobs, contact the experts. Incorrect wiring can lead to nonfunctional lights and outlets at best, and fires at worst. Many New Yorkers are moving to all electrical (from gas) systems, so there are plenty of professionals who can help you make the switch (pun intended). Curious to know how to know when is the right time to replace your electrical system? Constantly having to reset your breaker is a telltale sign, as well as lights dimming when other devices are turned on.

3. replace windows In addition to the fact that many windows in New York City are very old and can contain asbestos, improper installation of windows can cost you more. If the seal is not tight enough, your home’s insulation will likely be affected. Additionally, in New York City, many buildings and brownstones are regulated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission and must be replaced with the same type.

4. Wall paper It may sound simple, but hanging wallpaper is a tedious process. You will likely need to prep the walls, which may include stripping old wallpaper, as well as removing potential outlet covers and working around windows, treads, or tricky corners and dimensions. The right installer will have the right tools, equipment, and training to make sure your wallpaper looks its best and lasts. Unless you’re making pre-sticky wallpaper, leave this to the professionals.

5. flooring Similar to installing wallpaper, there is usually a significant amount of prep work required before installing new flooring, such as tearing off old vinyl, linoleum, or carpeting. Additionally, flooring installation requires the use of construction tools, knowledge of other flooring components—such as subfloors and joists—and how to check for safety issues such as mold and water damage. The right expert can help you match the color of your existing flooring and make the right selections to ensure longevity.

Three Potentially Safe DIY Projects

1. coloring If your walls are in good shape, all you need are supplies, such as a roller, paintbrush, drop cloth, painter’s tape, and good prep paint. You can also paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets which is an easy way to freshen up your space.

2. wall decor Mount a shelf, artwork, or mirror—just make sure you invest in a stud finder. In old NYC buildings and brownstones, you never know what’s behind the walls – and you want to make sure whatever you put there stays there.

3. Create a home office Make creative use of the extra space if you work from home and allocate space for a home office. It will go a long way in improving your concentration and all you have to do is find a room or corner to do it. Bolster homeowners found room in odd little rooms, basements, unused nooks, and even cupboards set aside for other purposes.

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How can a design and build company guarantee a risk-free renovation?

supports He was a pioneer in smart renewal. We apply quantitative analysis in conjunction with our technology solution to identify and measure performance risk on every renovation project. The result is a personalized strategic approach to each renovation that allows us to absorb 100 percent of the homeowner’s risk. Your home will be beautifully designed and delivered on time and within budget. This is our guarantee.

Smart and no-risk renovation means homeowners are now free to dream.

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