50 Best DIY Christmas Card Ideas To Make This Year |  Arena

50 Best DIY Christmas Card Ideas To Make This Year | Arena

melting snow cards

Add a little naivety to your Christmas cards with this design from Heart arts and crafts. You can not only write on the back of the melting snowman and give it to someone as a card, but it can also double as a decoration.

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Heart arts and crafts

snowball cards

Your friends will love to shake this card and see the sequins the snow It is located inside the DIY snow globe that you created. Get help at mayholik.


DIY Decoration Card

Use some watercolor paint to create your own Christmas cards this year! Postman ways He can show you how to make this.

Postman ways

snowflake wreath cards

Use pastel snowflakes, pearls, and buttons to design a glamorous wreath on your holiday cards. Happy Stamper I can show you how this is done.

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Happy Stamper

Jungle Christmas Cards

beauty and beard He suggests collecting some green paint chips, cutting them into tree triangles, and then placing them on top of them with gems. If you do, you will create some unforgettable Christmas cards.

beauty and beard

sealed cards

A simple yet cute way to decorate a holiday card is by using custom stamps. Use foam, like Oh oh deco Do that, and come up with your own design.

Oh oh deco

penguin print cards

Did you know that you can use potatoes to print a penguin design on a card? Could you! see how Character Molly Mo I did it so you can too.

Character Molly Mo

calligraphy card

Do you have good handwriting? If so, show it off by crafting a Christmas card for your best friend just like this one Unleashed handicrafts.

Unleashed handicrafts

light holiday cards

Design a card with a string of Christmas lights with your fingerprints DecSuch as cunning morning she did. It’s cheap and cute!

cunning morning

Christmas Decoration Cards

Your friends will be amazed when they find out that you made this Christmas card! Check out the video tutorial at creativity vector.

creativity vector

bedspread tree cards

Convert the mattress to a file Christmas tree With simple folds. Get the holiday design tutorial at happy rioters.

happy rioters

Bombom cards

A few pellets can be turned into this signature holiday item. head over to The joy of sharing For all the steps of making this wreath.

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The joy of sharing

shabby chic cards

If you are looking for a sweet card idea to make this holiday season, then this is the one for you my soul is shabby He calls your name. Your friends will love that you took the time to make your own.

my soul is shabby

Thumbprint cards of reindeer

How cool is this idea? Gemma Garner? Use your thumb to make this reindeer crafty or engage your kids.

Gemma Garner

gingerbread house cards

There is nothing sweeter than this candy-themed card I overturn crafty things. Make it your own by customizing the gingerbread figurine to look just like you or whoever you send it to.

I overturn crafty things

owl holiday cards

Isn’t this owl themed card from Blue Jelly Stampin Hoot? It’s something you can make in no time at all.

Blue Jelly Stampin

Holiday wreath cards

head over to Amy paper crafts To learn all the steps on how to make this beautiful holiday card. Screams at Christmas time.

Amy paper crafts

hot chocolate cards

Write a small note on the back of this delicious card inspired by one of the winter’s signature drinks: hot chocolate. You can even attach a gift card to your friend’s favorite coffee shop to make it extra special. Follow all the steps on Damask love.

Damask love

greeting cards

Use jewel-colored cards to make holiday cards to send out this Christmas. Leah Griffiths He has all the details.

Leah Griffiths

family photo card

Make your own Christmas cards with this tutorial from Cheerfully crafting. Just search for your favorite family photo and you are ready to go.

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Cheerfully crafting

stitched cards

do not worry; You don’t have to be a seamstress to DIY this card from Chic family. All you need to create a Christmas tree or reindeer is a few stitches.

Chic family

santa hat cards

Have a little fun with this Santa hat by displaying it on your cards this holiday season. Manual labor as we grow He has all deets.

Manual labor as we grow

Tweet cards for the season

Leaves K Werner Designs Shows you how you can turn circuit diagrams into tons of mini holidays the birds For this DIY project. The result will be great!

K Werner Designs

Drawn Tree Cards

Who does not love a homemade card with little Christmas trees on it? Design your own with Q tips and some paint, like make and take she did.

make and take

unicorn christmas cards

Move, Rudolph. There is a new magical creature in town. Learn how to create this holiday Rhino card expired in crafts on the sea.

crafts on the sea

Rudolph cards

If Rudolph is your favorite reindeer, you will love this DIY card. See how simple it is to make kinship inspiration.

kinship inspiration

small garland cards

Use greens like rosemary or myrtle to make mini garlands for your holiday cards. See how easy it is at cheerful.

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Hey Christmas tree card

The glitter and sequin Christmas card might be homemade, but it would look like it came from a fancy store! Check directions at Simply Designed Life.

Simply Designed Life

ugly sweater cards

If you are a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters, this card is a must-have for you. Find out how you can make some for your friends and family thanks to Laura’s cunning life.

Laura’s cunning life

Snow button cards

Instead of using snow, use the white buttons to build a cool snowman, like Scrappin’ with DeeDee she did. It’s easy and cute to do!

Scrappin’ with DeeDee

embroidered cards

Spread some Christmas cheer this year by making this embroidered card Fir tree! It may take a little longer to do this, but it will make the person you send feel more loved.

Fir tree

cut holiday cards

Find a Christmas photo of your family or pet to get this card by wonder forest. Then choose a word like “joy”, “fun” or “love” to cut the letters out so you can see a glimpse of your picture through it.

wonder forest

whimsical cards

This card is whimsical by Mama is dreaming Nothing less than adorable. We love that she uses cookie cutters to draw the design.

Mama is dreaming

washi tape tree cards

Grab some ribbon and create a Christmas tree that is both festive and fun Omiyage Blogs she did. Whoever gets this card will smile.

Omiyage Blogs

shiny card

A little sparkle goes a long way during the holiday season. Find out how to make a Christmas card that will look like it was bought from the store, thanks Find Florence.

Find Florence

Torn paper tree cards

Copy some pages from one of your favorite Christmas stories to make this craft extra festive, then follow along Gran Med Salma Instructions for making a tree card design.

Gran Med Salma

pop up cards

Mod Budge Rocks It is all about pop up cards and you should be! It may seem difficult for one to take their vacation, but it is not. Plus, it’s an elegant way to send a gift card to your loved one this Christmas.

Mod Budge Rocks

paint chips cards

Add some color to your cards using paint chips. see how one small project It is suggested that you turn them into beautiful trees.

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one small project

Snow Tree Cards

Create a winter wonderland using glue and glitter My craft room she did. It’s the perfect design for your holiday cards this year.

My craft room

poinsettia cards

Flowers aren’t just for summer. Can be used for holiday decorations too! Poinsettia Christmas Card by Style at home Especially cool.

Style at home

illusion santa cards

hello cool I created this magical Santa card that lets you see him colored in a second, not a second. Find out the secret on how to do it, so you can make it this year.

hello cool

Tree Top Cake Cards

Check your cupboards for mismatched cupcake liners so you can use them for this colorful card idea. All that glitters is gold. If you don’t, you will regret it.

All that glitters is gold

circle cards

Change your style and send out circular cards, like the ones on Craft Blog. The best part is that you can design it pretty much however you like.

Craft Blog

pipe cleaning cards

cunning morning It proves that a pipe cleaner is all you need to bring with it life DIY a whimsical Christmas tree card this year. Head over to their blog for more information.

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cunning morning

origami tree cards

Make your fingers foldable this winter so you can make this stylish origami tree card by yourself simple cleverness. It will look very professional once finished.

simple cleverness

Gem Christmas Cards

Your girlfriends will love receiving a gem holiday card from you this year. Watch the fun tutorial at Childhood 101.

Childhood 101

cool cards

Let Frosty the Snowman be a part of your holiday this year by incorporating it into your Christmas card crafts. You will love this design by easy and fun.

easy and fun

Holi button cards

How beautiful is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis card from Becky’s place? With just a few buttons and a fountain pen and pens, you can make your own.

Becky’s place

modern christmas cards

Make a stylish card, like this one Tinsel and trim. You can use a combination of black and white or change it into something more festive. Either way, it will be a statement card.

Tinsel and trim

shadow box cards

If you want to make a detailed card that will impress everyone you send it to, this shadow box tree is it. Jennifer Maker‘s The tutorial will show you how to make the tree appear to light up.

Jennifer Maker

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