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6 DIY closet remodel projects you can (and should) do in a weekend

The Lammers loved this project because it perfectly combines function and fun, especially because of the bold wallpaper. Katie HuntA wallpaper installer and expert you’ve worked with property brothersHe advises DIYers to use non-woven wallpaper, which is a new technology that is easy to install and does not expand or shrink. You only need to apply the paste to the wall and place the wallpaper directly on top.

Save space for children’s toys and games

Keep toy clutter out of sight with this dresser nook by designer Emilia Wisniewski.

Photo: Valerie Wilcox

When Toronto-based designer Emilia Wisniewski was creative director for Studio 1Nine1 Seeing this client’s tight closet space, she knew they had to get creative with her job. the solution? A corner dedicated to storing toys and books while providing a fun place for children to play. The pillow can easily be hand-made by measuring the area, purchasing a foam insert, and taking the measurements to a fabric store to ensure proper yardage purchase (Wisniewski recommends purchasing durable, washable fabric and asking the staff for help choosing, if necessary). Using fun wallpaper or paint can liven up a space while keeping the room flexible. “We wanted to create a space for the preschooler, but we also had to think about how that space would transition with the child,” she says. “If one day our client’s daughter decides to store her shoes in the closet as a teenager and locks the doors, the paper won’t scream baby formula.”

Convertible space for WFH lifestyle

A closet was transformed into a cozy office nook by Abigail Kolb.

Photo: Abigail Culp

Back to a normal wardrobe

Photo: Abigail Culp

Sometimes that can feel DIY is very Transformable because it can change a room forever, but Abigail Culp, an interior designer and content creator from Allentown, Pennsylvania, has the perfect solution: A fully transformable room that easily transforms from a traditional closet to a desk and back in no time. Kulp’s floor-to-ceiling birch plywood shelving and rack system allow her to store work materials and clothing depending on her needs. Roof rails serve as a home for plants and clothing. “I needed something that could be used as a desk for this season of life, but that could easily be turned back into a closet when needed,” says Kolb. Want to make the space look more cohesive? Kulp recommends painting the tracks the same color as the wall, “to draw your attention away from the tracks and more to the wood shelves and objects in the space.”

Add more space for clothes

You’d never guess this closet only had one wire shelf.

Photo: Michaela Hellman

Shelves fit neater sweater storage.

Photo: Michaela Hellman

We’ve all been there: Clothes are constantly piling up, and there isn’t enough space in your closet to organize and display your wardrobe. Michaela Hellman, a director of market research in Washington, D.C., had the same problem, so she decided on a weekday This is a shelf and rod combination cabinet From a traditional hanging wardrobe in her rental. Hack her wardrobe yourself? Measure the longest pieces of clothing hangers and custom tie rods to fit length. For Hillman, that meant measuring to make sure her dresses wouldn’t graze the wicker wardrobe she wanted to shove into the closet to make more folding space. The result: a closet with twice the space. “We’re not a one-size-fits-all person,” Heilman says. “Our clothes are shaped differently. Our wardrobes have to fit that.”

An innovative solution for extra clothing in the rental

A custom DIY cabinet made by Kylen Chen-Troester that serves as a ledge for artwork and plants.

Photo: Kylen Chen-Troester

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