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7 DIY Menorah Projects You Can Make in an Hour or Less

Creative duo Joey Zahr and Kate Albrecht Mr. Kate, create an unexpected candlestick Looks like it came out of a pharmacy. “Hanukkah is a great DIY opportunity, and I love recycling,” Albrecht says. “These bottles of various shapes and sizes combine with a coat of paint to form an eclectic elegant candlestick!” You can also duplicate and add your own touch, especially if you’re etching old bottles while antiques.

To make a candlestick bottle, you will need:

Keep these bottles!

Photo: Courtesy of Mr. Kate

Step 1: Organize the bottles

Find nine bottles with a similar opening. Samples can be bottles or perfume bottles. Choose the tallest bottle to be a shamash.

Step 2: Prime

Albrecht chose primer, rather than regular spray paint, to give the bottles a matte look. Let it dry for at least two hours.

Step 3: Make the base

For this Mr. Kate project, Albrecht used an old port wine box and spray-painted the top white to match the width of the bottle. You can also secure the glass with a hot glue gun to prevent the bottles from tipping over.

Step 4: Add candles

Put candles in the openings of the bottles. When the wax is dripping, the matte bottles will look more charming.

5. Citrus sustainable candlestick

DIY candlestick takes less than five minutes. Thanks, jungle feast.

Photo: Erin Gleeson

Erin Gleeson jungle feast He loves the citrus candlestick and is easy on the environment. Although it uses oranges and limes, you can easily replace it with any other citrus fruit you have on hand.

To make a citrus menorah, you will need:

Citrus preparation.

Erin Gleeson

Step 1: Cut the citrus into slices

Cut the lemon in half in half. For the orange, cut the bottom quarter into slices until flat.

Step 2: Make the candle holders

Using the tip of a small paring knife, cut a small hole in the top of each citrus stack. It should be large enough to insert the candle without shaking it.

Step 3: Line them up

Lay the citrus on a flat surface. You may want to place it on a tall rectangular tray to prevent dripping wax and citrus juices from accumulating on the table.

6. Flameless Candlestick

ProjectKid offers a very easy DIY tool that you can do with the little ones.

Photo: Amanda Kinglove of ProjectKid

This flameless candlestick is very simple and even preschoolers can do it. Amanda Kinglove in ProjectKid This event says although the base is monochromatic, you can add more color by using straws of different colors or even adding real candles.

You will need:

Paint each roller by hand to make the base.

Photo: Amanda Kinglove of ProjectKid

Step 1: Paint the rollers

Use a small brush to paint all the rollers. Here, Kingloff chose white, but you can use any color that suits your decor. Lay out on old newsprint to dry.

Step 2: Connect the pulleys into one candlestick

Line up all 9 bobbins and use a hot glue gun to connect. This is not necessary if you are using eraser candles, but it is highly recommended to use real candles to prevent tipping. Stack the small roller on top of one of the larger rollers and glue together.

Step 3: Add candles

Insert paper belts into each bobbin slot. Top with pencil cover erasers.

7. Salt shaker candlestick

The steps for DIY candlestick from the copper paperclip are crystal clear.

Photo: Copper Paperclip Project

If you love to save, this candlestick is for you. Set out in search of nine vintage crystal salt shakers for an ultra-chic interpretation of a handmade candlestick inspired by… copper paper clip.

You will need:

Step 1: Gather the supplies

Arrange all nine salt shakers on a decorative tray. As an option, you can fill it with water and drip food coloring to improve the appearance of the crystal. Options can range from all-blue to ombre to rainbow width.

Step 2: Insert the candles

Since the shaker hole may not match the candles perfectly, you may have to play with the candle size or shave the bottom to ensure the candles fit snugly. Try adding small candle holders to the hole for a proper fit.

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