7 months after closing, Fargo DIY Garage finds new home in Moorhead - InForum

7 months after closing, Fargo DIY Garage finds new home in Moorhead – InForum

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Fargo de garage

He settled in a new location across the Red River in Morehead.

Owner and military veteran Chris Partridge appropriately reopened the business on Friday November 11th at 2320 2nd Ave.N in Moorhead. The Fargo DIY Garage shares the site with Mr. Mechanic.


The business opened in June of 2020

at 901 Westrac Drive in Fargo. He worked there for nearly two years

before closing the store temporarily

last April.

Since then, Partridge has been looking for a site where she will collect the numbers, and now he thinks he has found it. It’s even better that it’s now paired with a veteran-owned company, too. “It was very fortunate for both of us,” he said.

Not only does it add the new location for Partridge, but it also solves two major dilemmas he faced with his previous store.

Chris Partridge gives some pointers to Ayoub Muhammad of West Fargo as he works on his car at the Fargo DIY Garage in Morehead.

David Samson/Forum

For example, Partridge wanted to be connected, both figuratively and literally, to another mechanic. This gives patrons peace of mind knowing that if a do-it-yourself repair job goes south, they won’t need a tow truck for professional help. “It just hardens the whole thing,” Partridge said, because people don’t have to wonder what happens next if their project fails. “That anxiety has basically been alleviated.”

It’s a scenario that rarely came up in the past but it’s an added benefit none the less. Partridge is doing his part to make sure aspiring grease monkeys don’t step over their heels at the repair, warning people when it’s best to defer to a professional. “I like to make sure everyone succeeds in the DIY business,” he said. “I kind of try to steer the entire relationship from beginning to end toward success.”

The other added feature of the new Fargo DIY Garage location is that Partridge now offers a tire fitting machine. Because tire fitting machines can be dangerous, Partridge won’t allow hobbyists to use them, although it does offer tire fitting services for $40 to those who already rent a tire repair space.

In addition to these two improvements, the Fargo DIY Garage features similar amenities as when it first opened, with Partridge offering the same specialized tools and computer software required for nearly any project. “You can work on your car, whatever you need to get done on your car, pretty much I have the stuff to do that,” he said.

Appointments at the Fargo DIY Garage are available Thursday through Sunday. Three bays are available at Partridge on Thursdays and Fridays, one on land and two with lifts. On weekends when Mr. Mechanic is closed, the available space expands to six bays, adding another three with elevators.

The rental rate for a ground bay with tools is $25 an hour. When customers bring their own tools, the same price applies to a bay with an elevator. A lift with a full set of tools is available at $40 an hour. Moreover, Partridge offers parts at discounted prices.

All in all, Partridge estimated that a do-it-yourself fix-it could save people between 25% and 50% on the project.


Chris Partridge shows off some of his tools at the Fargo DIY Garage located at 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead.

David Samson/Forum

As for the company name, Partridge plans to stick with the Fargo DIY Garage, which he said is a conversation starter now that it’s located in Morehead.

After nearly seven months on lockdown, Partridge is thrilled to be back in business. He has “a lot of fun” meeting people along the way and wants to help people with their car problems. “I’m just glad I’m going back to it. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy the conversation, I enjoy the people and the company and the work.” “I enjoy figuring things out.”


Fargo DIY Garage is located at 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead.

David Samson/Forum

what: Fargo de garage
where: 2320 2nd Ave. N., Moorhead
hours: Appointments available from Thursday to Sunday
Rates: They range from $25 to $40


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