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A Texas woman pays an unexpected $10,000 dental bill in months by recycling

In February 2022, Lily Skjöldal, 26, took a trip to the dentist and left with a bill of $10,690 that she was able to pay using her impressive DIY skills.

Skjoldahl, who lives in Texas, had no savings but had a talent that allowed her to raise money to pay her bill.

In a viral video shared on Instagram, @thefurniturerSkjoldahl shows off her handicraft skills as she presents before and after videos of old furniture that she’s recycled and sold three times more than she paid for. The video It has over 161,000 likes and over 2 million views.

Using money from furniture sales, Skjoldahl was able to pay the dental bill by July.

Talking to NEWSWEEKSkjoldahl said, “When I was a kid I had fillings in my molars but they fell out and exposed nerves so I had to get them fixed. I also had a few root canals and crowns, it was painful.”

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“[The cost of the treatment] It started adding up very quickly. I didn’t do it all at once, so I had two months to make money between dental appointments. “

At the time, Skjoldahl had recently moved into a new home and was browsing Facebook Marketplace for cheap furniture when she had a light bulb moment.

“I saw a piece with potential and thought to myself, ‘Maybe I can fix this and resell it.'”

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She said, “I didn’t really think it would be so successful. I thought it would be a temporary thing to make some cash. But then it became very therapeutic for me and I found such satisfaction from every transformation.”

Turning quickly became a part of her daily schedule as she spent most of the evenings turning old pieces of furniture into something elegant.

Most of the furniture was either free or cost less than $100.

Skjoldahl . said NEWSWEEK: “I’ve always been good at DIY, my dad is an engineer, but it was still a learning process and I learned a lot from my mistakes. I also watched YouTube tutorials.

“As my condition improved, I started taking on more than one project at a time. It might take a little longer but more gets done.”

A recent survey revealed that 39 percent of 1,000 homeowners in the United States intend to improve their design aesthetic by undertaking a home project in 2022.

Three out of five homeowners are excited about home projects on their to-do lists, even though many feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Now that the bill is paid, Skjoldahl, who also works in an office, flips the furniture for extra cash.

I told NEWSWEEK: “I try to make at least three times what I spent on item and supplies. I price my stuff a little lower because I want it for sale and because I live in an area with a lower cost of living!”

“I use my Instagram to help others flip furniture and craft projects so they, too, can make a profit.”

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