Acceleration Robotics Announce and Open Sources ROBOTCORE®, the First Robotic Processing Unit – Specialized in ROS Computations

Accelerator Bots Announces Open Source ROBOTCORE®, the First Robotic Processing Unit – Specialized in ROS Computing

Business Wire IndiaAcceleration Robotics, a semiconductor robotics startup based in the Basque Country, Spain, has announced ROBOTCORE®And theRobotic Processing Unit for Robotics Engineer. This robotic processing unit is specialized in Android OS (ROS) Acceleration Accounts and Features 16xCPUs, GPU and FPGA To enable bots to do so react fasterAnd the Consume less energydelivery Additional real-time capabilities. ROBOTCORE® design files are exposed and opened in ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group.

Robotic processing units (RPUs) are robotic brains, robotic processing units that efficiently map robot behaviors (programmed as ROS computational graphs) to basic computing resources. ROBOTCORE® features multiple CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs that are interconnected in a common Ethernet database allowing the traditional control-based approach used in robotics to be combined with a data-driven approach. When appropriately engineered, by an accelerator kernel (or android cores), ROBOTCORE® provides robotics engineers with accelerated ROS 2 libraries that provide faster calculations (Quickly get things done once you start), additional inevitability (The mission happens in exactly the same time frame, every time) and At present (Meet the deadlines set for each task).

ROBOTCORE® focuses on accelerating the ROS 2 botnet framework, a set of software libraries and tools that help build bot applications. ROS 2 is widely used in robotics and with Hundreds of companies Using it every day for commercial applications, it has become an increasingly popular language in robotics1. Acceleration Robotics will disclose ROBOTCORE® on the website ROS 2 hardware acceleration working group. The company has opened the ROBOTCORE® design files and contributed them to the file Robotic Processing Unit (RPU)subproject“so that other robotics engineers can use it as a common hardware blueprint for their robotic brains” – Victor Mayoral-Felch, founder of Acceleration Robotics.

ROBOTCORE® will be shown in Japan at ROSCon and IROS 2022 and is specifically designed to accelerate three robotic scenarios: Independent MobilityAnd the industrial manipulation And the healthcare applications. The CPU is powered by AMD and NVIDIA technologies, providing best-in-class accelerators from major silicon vendors. Victor Mayoral Filches He is also a former systems engineer at Xilinx (now part of AMD) excitedly sharing: “This is an exciting time in botnets, and with the rise of ROS standards as a popular botnet API, we’re starting to see a growing demand for hardware acceleration in ROS, making its computations faster and more energy efficient. ROBOTCORE® attempts to meet this demand by facilitating an open scheme for architects who build robotic brains.“.

About acceleration bots

acceleration bots is a company focused on designing custom brains for robots to speed up their response time. Founded by leading robotics experts to provide the semiconductor building blocks for robots, the company leverages graphics processing units (GPUs) and FPGAs to create custom hardware that accelerates robot operation.

1About 55% of all commercial robots to be shipped in 2024 will use ROS. Rise of ROS: Nearly 55% of all commercial bots shipped in 2024 will have at least one bot operating system package installed.

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Accelerator Bots Announces Open Source ROBOTCORE®, the First Robotic Processing Unit - Specialized in ROS Computing

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