Adapta Robotics launched the first retail robot on the Romanian market

Adapta Robotics launched the first retail robot on the Romanian market

Adapta Robotics, a company that specializes in the design and production of non-industrial robots to automate tasks typically performed by humans, has launched ERIS, the first retail robot in the Romanian market, in partnership with Carrefour Romania.

The robot will be shown for the first time at the GoTech World 2022 event in Romexpo, November 3-4.

Adapta Robotics is a company that originally started under the brand, having launched in 2018 the MATT robot, an automated testing system for touch screens or physical button devices that can test everything from smartphones, tablets or laptops to information systems entertainment or medical devices. The MATT robot is the most complete and powerful solution for testing products with a touch screen and/or buttons and is a leader in the sector. One of Adapta Robotics’ goals is to become the number one European brand in the non-industrial robotics industry.

In 2022, the company launched ERIS, a bot dedicated to the retail industry to automate out-of-stock identification and prevent shelf price errors. ERIS is able to identify and report on shelf prices when they do not match those in the database and need to be changed. In the scanning process, the bot also obtains information about the product’s stock and can issue warnings about the need to restock the shelf.

“Our desire to automate physical robotic tasks that may be repetitive or tedious, or that cannot be automated with traditional solutions, such as those in factories, in production lines or in dynamic environments such as stores – as Carrefour’s needs have made clear to us. We believe robots will play an increasingly important role In everyday life we ​​want to develop it in Romania, taking into account specific needs.After the commercial success of MATT, we decided to take it to the next level and launch a robot for the retail industry, and the Adapta – Carrefour partnership led to the creation of MARCEL.Our ambition is for Adapta Robotics to become the number one European brand in creating non-industrial robots that promote automation as a natural and accessible practice”Says Mihai KrucinescuFounder of Adapta Robotics.

Robots created by Romanian engineers, are in demand in developed markets in Europe and the United States

The robots made by Adapta Robotics use the latest technologies and sensors based on machine learning and artificial intelligence processes. Adapta Robotics products are highly customizable, high quality components, competitively priced, and easy to use.

“We are in a position as privileged as it is challenging at Carrefour, with our unique omni-channel retail model, with a multi-form physical and digital presence. This energizes a mindset that is always focused on technology and innovation, whether we are looking at our retail activities or our applications. The Adapta Robotics team defined and addressed our needs with an innovative product as much as it relates to the core Carrefour Romania business.MARCEL effectively tackles what is an ongoing challenge for my colleagues in the store.At the same time, it assumes the role of a tireless fellow who pursues the same goal every day – solving repetitive tasks quickly and in a manner Right. In this way, we are sure that we can guarantee a perfect shopping experience,” Add Nikolai DreamboDirector of Innovation Carrefour Romania.

ERIS (MARCEL) robot will be shown for the first time at GoTech World 2022

For ERIS, Adapta Robotics has signed a strategic partnership with Carrefour Romania, and the robot is called MARCEL.

On November 3-4, Adapta Robotics, along with Carrefour Romania, will officially present the MARCEL robot at the GoTech World 2022 event in Romexpo, booth B1. At the Adapta Robotics kiosk, you will be able to watch live demonstration sessions using MARCEL in a space that simulates store shelves.

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