Agricultural Robotics Industry Worldwide to 2028 - Featuring Agrobot, Harvest Automation, Rowbot and Ecorobotix among others -

Agricultural Robotics Industry Worldwide to 2028 – Featuring Agrobot, Harvest Automation, Rowbot and Ecorobotix among others –

Dublin – ()–The Global Agricultural Robots Market 2022-2028 The report has been added to Show.

The study conducted by the publisher states that the global agricultural robotics market will show an upward trend at a CAGR of 19.98% during the forecast period 2022-2028.

mentioned companies

  • Agco company

  • Self Solutions Company

  • CNH Industrial

  • Derry & Co

  • Lely Holdings Sarl

  • Trimble Corporation

  • Boumatic Robotics Bv

  • Precisionhawk Inc

  • Naio Technologies

  • agrobot

  • Harvest automation

  • Rowbot

  • ecorobotics

  • Robotics Plus Ltd

  • AI precision

The growth of the market is supported by factors such as labor shortage, need to protect crops from excessive use of pesticides, and growing demand for cost-effective solutions. The increasing demand for food leads to an increase in labor requirements. Since farming is not an ideal career option for people, it leads to labor shortage.

This leads to farmers opting for robotic machines to perform all the tasks previously done by humans, thus supporting the growth of the market. On the contrary, the lack of skilled labor required for timely maintenance of robots and the high cost of robotics restrain the growth of the agricultural robots market.

The global agricultural robotics market covers North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Globally, the Asia Pacific region is expected to experience the fastest growth during the forecast period. The region has noticed a high demand for food due to the increase in population. The boom in agriculture increased the need for workers in this sector. Since few people are keen to develop their career in the agricultural industry, there is a shortage of labor in the area. As a result, farmers choose agricultural robots to carry out farming activities effectively.

The robots also help in evenly spraying pesticides on the crops, preventing damage to the crops. However, the cost of maintaining robots can be a hindrance to the growth of the region’s market. However, the presence of leading companies such as Farmnote, Inaho and Han’s Robot Co Ltd influences the growth of the studied market.

Main topics covered:

1. Global Agricultural Robotics Market – Summary

2. Industry prospects

2.1. Impact of Covid-19 on the Agricultural Robotics Market

2.2. the main ideas

2.2.1. Integration with agricultural robots

2.2.2. Product launch – an important market strategy

2.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

2.4 Key Impact Analysis

2.4.1. Cost effectiveness

2.4.2. durability

2.4.3. time consumption

2.4.4. technology

2.5 Market attractiveness index

2.6. Vendor Scorecard

2.7. industry components

2.8. regulatory framework

2.9 Key Market Strategies

2.9.1. acquisitions

2.9.2. Product launch

2.9.3. alliance

2.10. Market drivers

2.10.1. labor shortage

2.10.2. The need to protect crops from excessive use of pesticides

2.10.3. Growing demand for cost effective solutions

2.11. Market challenges

2.11.1. Robot maintenance cost

2.11.2. The high cost of bots

2.11.3. Technical limitations

2.12. market opportunities

2.12.1. Increased demand for food due to the high population

2.12.2. Acquisition of key players

3. Global Agricultural Robotics Market Forecast – By Type

4. Global Agricultural Robotics Market Forecast – By Application

5. Global Agricultural Robotics Market – Regional Outlook

6. The competitive landscape

7. Research methodology and scope

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