"Agricultural robots are climbing uphill"

“Agricultural robots are climbing uphill”

Founded in 2011 by French robotics engineers Aymeric Barthes and Gaëtan Séverac, Naïo Technologies is based in Toulouse and specializes in agricultural robots. The company recently raised * 32 million euros [33.7 million USD] To accelerate its industrial and commercial growth. With 300 machines already in operation worldwide at the end of 2022, AgTech has 70 employees and sells in 20 countries through a network of distributors. With this fundraiser, Naïo Technologies will be able to accelerate its international growth and double the number of robots in service over the next two years. At the moment, its main markets are France (40%), Europe and the United States. But in the long term, the French company hopes to expand its presence to all continents.

“Agricultural robots are climbing up! We are very happy to receive support from influential funds and the Ocatania region,” explains Gaëtan Séverac, co-founder of Naïo Technologies. “Robots offer a solution to the challenges of sustainable agriculture and manpower shortages. More and more producers are turning to robots for their work.”

* Led by Mirova, a division of Natixis Investissement Managers dedicated to sustainable investing, this new round of financing brings together landmark investors: the Ecotechnologies Fund, managed by Bpifrance on behalf of the French government as part of the France 2030 programme, Capagro, Demeter, Pimoemek and Kodima. Regional funds M Capital and ARIS Occitanie are also joining the process.

This year, Naïo launched two products (Oreo and Joe) to cater to some key markets.

According to Emeric Bart, CEO of Naïo Technologies, “This fundraiser will enable us to take another step towards greater efficiency, both for our products and for our organisation, thanks to our industry partners such as Syselec.”

Labor shortage
These solutions also help reduce the consequences of labor shortages, as well as physical limitations on workers. Besides, the use of robots reduces erosion, the carbon footprint associated with agricultural activities, and the use of herbicides. In 2013, the first model of the Oz robot was sold, followed by Ted in 2018, the first vineyard robot. In parallel, Naïo Technologies created FIRA in 2016, the world’s largest event for agricultural robotics, and the company also opened a branch in the United States in California (Salinas), in the heart of the major agricultural centers of North America.

Committed to sustainable food production and a better world
Naïo Technologies aims to provide producers with its expertise in the challenges of ecological transition and regenerative agriculture. Naïo proposes high-performance, autonomous robots that help reduce the carbon footprint of agricultural activities thanks to their electric range and light-reducing pesticide use for food production. Naïo Technologies has validated its B-Corp certification and conducted a carbon footprint and life cycle analysis of its electric robots.

Finally, Naïo Technologies is also behind the creation of FIRA, the International Forum for Agricultural Robots and the “world’s largest events for agricultural robots”, the first edition of which took place in Toulouse in 2016. A place dedicated to agricultural robots where all professionals and manufacturers of the sector can meet.

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