Amazing deepavali lighting ideas for your home

Amazing deepavali lighting ideas for your home

Are you ready for the Deepavali Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights? The concept of lighting decor styles has shifted from expensive, market-driven trends to innovative home trends. Here, we have shared some creative elements and Environmentally friendly DIY Deepavali (or Diwali) lighting ideas to liven up your home and workplace.

Make your home more festive with innovative DIY Deepavali / Diwali lighting ideas

Lighting is a vital element that can improve any area by influencing the ambiance of the place. As Deepavali approaches on October 24, it goes without saying that lighting should play an important role in your life. Home Decor & Remodeling Plans. Of all the Diwali preparations, people enjoy decorating their homes the most. This time, we bring you some crazy ideas for DIY Deepawali lighting. So, whether you’re a procrastinator like us, or you just don’t have time for this AffairHere are some last minute DIY Diwali lighting ideas.

bottle lights

Photo: Courtesy of William Bayreuther/Unsplash

The bottle lights never go out; Whether it is Diwali, Christmas or any other occasion, these lights Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home during the holiday season. All you need is a bottle and a string of fairy lights to get started.

Paper bag lanterns

Diwali lighting
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Graboska/Pixels

Paper bag lanterns are inspired by the best concept of waste. Instead of throwing away those brown paper bags after shopping at Deepavali, make your own DIY lighting paper lanterns.

floating candles

Diwali lighting
Photo: Courtesy of Rahul Pandit/Pexels

What’s not to love about floating candles? Floating candles are modern and look great as a centerpiece or accent décor. Simply fill the decorated bowls with water and place the floating candles in them. You can also put flowers, flower petals, and/or glitter. Keep these utensils in different places around your house, like the center table with candy and dry fruits next to it, which looks really elegant. You can also draw or rangolis design about these dishes.

Mason jar lanterns

Diwali lighting
Photo: Courtesy of Sahir Sujahudeen/Unsplash

Another offbeat way to make Diwali lights is to use a mason jar and cover it with a thick ribbon. You can use different designs and colors of laces, or you can paint the jars in different colors. Next, put the tea candle inside and light it. That’s it. Deepavali decor is simple yet exquisite.

hula hoop chandeliers

Photo: Courtesy of ROMAN ODINTSOV / Unsplash

Chandeliers are perfect for the living room, and with great lighting they can be used both indoors and outdoors. All that is required is to direct the fairy lights around hoop around to create a chandelier-style centerpiece. You can also add some leaves or pampa grass around to make it look more impressive. This unique lighting setup provides my king and rustic style on your space, quickly turning it into the perfect party décor.

Handmade lampshades

Handmade lampshades
Photo: Courtesy of Digital Buggu/Pexels

Make amazing DIY lampshades out of colored papers to light up your Deepavali. Punch a design onto a rectangular sheet of paper using a needle. Fold the paper into a cylinder or whatever shape you like and glue the ends together. Place it over a candle or chandelier to enjoy the beautiful glow effect it creates. You can also put it on the night lamp bulbs to change the color of the lighting in your room.

Make your own flashlight

tea lights
Photo: Courtesy Pixabay/Pexels

This one is for you if you are a professional in pottery or want to photograph it. Make these lights any size and shape you want for DIY Diwali lighting. Once you’re done, you can put a tea light candle or fairy lights inside to add beautiful lighting to your masterpiece.

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