American Robotics, a subsidiary of Ondas Holdings, receives an order from the leading oil and gas company

American Robotics, a subsidiary of Ondas Holdings, receives an order from the leading oil and gas company

The company continues to expand its customer base in the oil and gas industry by providing companies with high-accuracy data and analytics via a reconnaissance drone.

Waltham, MA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2022 / Ondas Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: ONDS) (“Ondas” or the “Company”), the leading provider of private wireless data, drones, and automated data solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ondas Networks Inc. and American Robotics, Inc. (“American Robotics, Inc.” or “AR”) today that American robots Received a new purchase order from a leading American oil and gas company. By adding another high-profile company to its customer base, American Robotics’ autonomous drone technology continues to provide the nation’s leading oil and gas companies with the technology to simplify monitoring and inspection.

The new customer will extend the use of American Robotics’ Scout System technology to the Permian Basin, one of the most intensive and productive exploration, development and production areas for oil and gas in the United States. The customer will use autonomous drone technology via the scouting system to increase screening capability and situational awareness. Specifically, a scouting system will be utilized to monitor loss of containment and fugitive emissions, as well as security around the facility. The customer also uses electrical power with all pumping pumps on site, with substations to support them, and will use the drone system in a separate box to check the said stations.

“We see a huge opportunity in the oil and gas industry where the use of drones has become an important component of ensuring safety and conducting regular inspections,” said Rees Moser, co-founder and CEO of American Robotics. “With new features including high-resolution RGB and thermal cameras, loss containment analytics, and more access to the Scout System later this year, American Robotics is focused on building a best-in-class solution for the oil and gas market based on industry needs and requirements.”

American Robotics continues to work closely with the oil and gas industry to grow an ever-growing set of features, use cases, and users, and expects more commercial updates this year as a result. This client will benefit from data and analytics from the Scouting system by scanning their assets for potential anomalies as well as running critical missions. To learn more about American Robotics and the Scout System drone, click over here.

About Ondas Holdings Inc.

Ondas Holdings Inc. (“Ondas”) is a leading provider of private wireless data and drone solutions through its wholly owned subsidiaries Ondas Networks Inc. (“Ondas Networks”) and American Robotics, Inc. (“American Robotics” or “AR”). Ondas Networks is a developer of software-specific wireless broadband technology for large and emerging industrial markets. Ondas’s software-defined 802.16s-based (802.16s) and FullMAX wireless platform enables critical Internet of Things (MC-IoT) applications by overcoming the bandwidth limitations of legacy licensed private wireless networks. Ondas Networks’ end markets include rail, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, aviation (including drone operators), and government agencies whose demands cover a wide range of mission-critical applications. American Robotics designs, develops and markets industrial drone solutions for rugged real-world environments. AR’s Scout System™ is a highly automated AI-powered drone system capable of continuous remote operation that is marketed as an integrated “drone in a box” data solution service within the Robot-as-a-Service (RAAS) business model. The Scout™ system is the first FAA-certified drone system for out-of-line-of-sight (BVLOS) automation without a human operator on site. Together, Ondas Networks and American Robotics provide users in the oil and gas, railroad, mining, agricultural, and critical infrastructure markets with enhanced communication and data collection capabilities.

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