Amphenol T6793 CO2 Sensor Module #EYEonNPI #DigiKeyDigiKeyamphenolsensorsamphenol « Adafruit Industries - Makers, Hackers, Artists, Designers, Engineers!

Amphenol T6793 CO2 Sensor Module #EYEonNPI #DigiKeyDigiKeyamphenolsensorsamphenol « Adafruit Industries – Makers, Hackers, Artists, Designers, Engineers!

EYE ON NPI for this week (video) is a breath of fresh air – with Amphenol Telaire T6793 CO2 Sensor ModuleAnother cool sensor we’re happy to highlight Amphenol Advanced Sensor.

This time it is a sensor to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.

Carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, is a gas that is an essential part of Earth’s atmosphere and life in general. However, while necessary, it can have negative effects when concentrations exceed a certain level. It could affect the entire planet by global warming. But it can also have very local effects, for example on indoor air quality. High levels of carbon dioxide can lead to decreased cognitive ability and other related health concerns. Therefore, monitoring indoor air carbon dioxide levels can be useful as part of a measurement of general air quality.

People have had carbon dioxide air quality sensors in buildings and homes for a long time, but now they are very popular because carbon dioxide levels correlate with the freshness of the air. Outdoor air is about 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide. We humans love to breathe air, extract O2 and fill rooms with carbon dioxide. This means that when there is poor ventilation outdoors, and many people – the air will be higher and Higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. We consider below 1000ppm “good” but we really want to keep it below 600ppm if we can has been shown To reduce the transmission of airborne diseases.

There are two types of carbon dioxide sensors that we see. One is the “effective CO2” measurement, which is really a VOC sensor that uses MOX rheostat sensors, and the other is “true CO2” sensors that use NDIR.

For example, file ENS160 اندلاع outbreak We recently started stocking a MOX sensor that will provide measurements of total air quality based on volatile gases. He can also use this to approximate the concentration of carbon dioxide. But note that it does not actually measure CO2! While this is fine for low-cost or basic AQI measurements, it is not a calibrated or reliable method for measuring CO.

Instead, the right thing to do is to use an extension NDI sensor Like the CO2 Sensor Module T6793which is a “real” CO2 sensor that will tell you the CO2 composition (ppm) of the surrounding air.

This means that they are much larger and more expensive than eCO2 sensors, but they are the real thing. Ideal for environmental sensing, science experiments, air quality, ventilation studies, and more.

The T6793 CO2 . Amphenol Sensor Module It is a true NDIR CO2 sensor, with self re-calibration if used outdoors it will be exposed to a CO2 400 ppm signal at least once a week, and it comes in two versions, one with a capacity of 2Kppm and one with a maximum capacity of 5Kppm. It is extremely stable and accurate with +-45ppm + 3% reading accuracy and continuous readings for 5 seconds.

One of the things we really liked about this sensor is that it has multiple output modes, no matter what your system integration requires. The T6793 comes in a wide range: 100 kHz I2C, UART, RS485 and even PWM output!

The unit comes with a 6-pin 0.1″ / 2.54mm step head so it can be swapped from a larger system after a few years or if the sensor becomes contaminated.

PWM pulse rates and I2C records are documented in Application Note And there are some Arduino code Available on github for reference.

If you want a high quality, reliable and accurate CO2 sensor with a true NDIR sensor – you are in luck because T6793 CO2 . Amphenol Sensor Module Now available at Digi-Key for immediate shipping! Order today and you can have this premium gold sensor ready to use by noon tomorrow.

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