An Encounter with a Carnivore: Ph.D.  Student lets anyone bring simulated robots to life with the Omniverse accessory

An Encounter with a Carnivore: Ph.D. Student lets anyone bring simulated robots to life with the Omniverse accessory

Editor’s Note: This post is part of Get to know the carnivore series, which features individual creators and developers using files NVIDIA Omniverse To speed up 3D workflows and create virtual worlds.

Yizhou Zhao

When he does not engage in his studies towards a Ph.D. In statistics, conducting data-driven research on artificial intelligence and robotics, or enjoying his favorite hobby of sailing, Yizhou Zhao wins competitions for developers who use NVIDIA Omniverse A platform for connecting and building custom 3D pipelines and metaverse applications.

UCLA’s 5th-year doctoral candidate recently took first place in the opening #ExtendOmniverse Contestwhere developers are invited to create their own files Omniverse extension For a chance to win an NVIDIA RTX GPU.

Omniverse accessories are essential building blocks that allow anyone to create and extend functionality Omniverse apps Using the popular Python programming language.

Zhao’s winning entry, called “IndoorKit,” allows users to easily upload and record robotics simulation tasks in indoor scenes. It sets up robot processing tasks by automatically filling scenes with the indoor environment, robot and other objects with just a few clicks.

“It is usually difficult to deploy the task of robots in simulation without a lot of skill in scene building, sampling, planning and control of the robot,” Zhao said. “By bringing assets into the powerful user interface of Omniverse using the Global Scene Description Framework, my extension achieves instant scene setup and precise bot control.”

Under IndoorKit, users can simply click on Add Object, Add House, Load Scene, Record Scene and other buttons to play around with aspects of the environment and delve deeper into the bot simulation.

with Description of the landscape (in US dollars)Zhao, an open source and scalable file framework, seamlessly brought 3D models into his environments with Omniverse Connectors For Autodesk Maya and Blender.

The “IndoorKit” extension is also based on the assets from Nvidia Isaac Sim Robotics simulation platform and Omniverse built-in PhysX Capabilities for precise, detailed robotics manipulation.

In addition, “IndoorKit” can randomly arrange scene lighting, room materials, and much more. One scene created by Zhao is highlighted with the extension in the featured video above.

Omniverse for Robots

The “IndoorKit” addon is working on Omniverse bridge construction and robotics research in simulation.

View of Zhao’s “IndoorKit” extension

“I don’t see how precise the robot’s control was before the Omniverse,” Zhao said. He offers four main reasons why Omniverse is the perfect platform to build this extension:

First, the popularity of Python means that many developers can build extensions with it to unlock it machine learning And the deep learning Research for a wider audience, he said.

Second, using NVIDIA RTX GPUs With Omniverse it greatly speeds up robot control and training.

Third, Omniverse’s ray tracing technology enables a realistic rendering of its scenes in real time. This saves 90% of the time Zhao used to set up the experiment and simulation, he said.

And fourth, Omniverse’s advanced real-time physics simulation engine, PhysXsupports a wide range of features — including simulations of liquid, particles, and soft objects — that “land on the frontiers of robotics studies,” according to Zhao.

“The future of art, engineering, and research is in the spirit of connecting everything: modeling, animation and simulation,” he said. “And Omniverse brings it all together.”

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