Autel Robotics reaches 75 MediaMarkt stores to create an offline shopping experience in the European market

Autel Robotics reaches 75 MediaMarkt stores to create an offline shopping experience in the European market

Shenzhen, ChinaAnd the October 17 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Autel Robotics, a leading developer of drones and aerial imaging devices, now has its products in its 75 MediaMarkt stores, across HollandAnd the BelgiumAnd the Luxembourgwhich marks a milestone for the company to expand its European expansion.

Autel Robotics products are displayed in 75 MediaMarkt stores

The company is actively developing a new set of market development strategies for the European region, integrating offline experiences and online sales so that consumers can enjoy more unique opportunities to experience Autel’s products.

Presence of Autel products on MediaMarkt sites in Europe It provides domestic consumers with a solid offline channel to purchase the company’s drones and imaging equipment. Autel recommends the following MediaMarkt sites:

  • MediaMarkt Amsterdam Arena (Johan Cruijff Boulevard 123-125, 1101 DM Amsterdam)

  • MediaMarkt Braine l’Alleud (Chau. de Charleroi 18, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium)

From November 7The tenth to me December 2second abbreviationAutel’s Dragonfish Pro will be housed at MediaMarkt Amsterdam Arena, and Dragonfish Lite will be housed at MediaMarkt Braine l’Alleud. Dragonfish series will show customers the professionalism of Autel’s industrial-grade products and advanced UAV research and development technology, allowing customers to recognize the unique features of this relatively tilted rotating UAV, including vertical take-off and landing.

The company aims to derive deep insights from the changing needs of consumers based on the performance of products on sales at these locations in Europe. Autel will gain a more robust understanding of purchase intent among customers and bring them a better offline experience, both during purchase and after sales. The company’s growing offline presence in the region will also make it easier to gather feedback on users’ needs and build relationships with them.

“We expanded our product offering in 75 MediaMarkt offline stores, as well as Autel Brand Day which are already under way, demonstrating Autel’s commitment to the European market. We will continue to actively expand channels in the market going forward and hope to engage more distributors and agents to collaborate in developing our local user base,” said Autel Robotics Marketing Director.

Brick-and-mortar sites in the market are primarily selling the EVO Nano+ at the moment, with in-store demos available to potential customers. Having received international awards for build quality and unique design, the EVO Nano+ recently completed an extreme challenge. Autel delivered the small drone to Iceland To take aerial photos of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which has previously been dormant for more than 6000 years. Weighing in at just 249 grams, the EVO Nano+ weighs in on the gale-force winds and scorching heat of volcanic landscapes combined with crosstalk. Nevertheless, it continued to do its job admirably, recording scenes of the spectacular volcanic eruption in the evening with the support of stable flight control technology and powerful imaging performance.

Customers can receive face-to-face technical guidance, participate in question-and-answer sessions on product functionality, and take actual product flights by checking out in-store hardware. In addition, customers can also easily access more Autel products using Online channel.

About Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics is a team of industry professionals with a true passion for technology and years of engineering experience. Since its founding in 2014, Autel has always been customer oriented with a focus on achieving excellence through endless innovation. Autel is dedicated to providing pioneering solutions for new aerial exploration through market-leading drone and camera technology. ShenzhenCenter China technology industry, it also has research and development bases all over the world, including SeattleAnd the Munichand Silicon Valley.

For more information, please visit the website Or follow Autel Robotics at FacebookautoroboticsAnd the Instagram @autelroboticsor subscribe to Autel Robotics YouTube channel.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano + is available in MediaMarkt offline stores

Autel Robotics EVO Nano + is available in MediaMarkt offline stores



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