Award-winning invention enables new and exciting applications for robotics

New YorkAnd the October 12 2022 /PRNewswire/- FlowIOa development platform that allows researchers around the world to quickly and easily create “soft” robots, and has acquired a team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Grand prize $25,000 in the 2022 Futuristic Design Competition, produced by SAE Media Group.

Soft robotics is expected to grow into a multi-billion dollar market. Featuring flexible bodies and electronics, these robots are safer than rigid metal machines when working in close contact with humans. Their development could lead to superior prosthetics, new wearable devices, and edible robots that deliver drugs to targeted parts of the body. Intelligent climbing robots can be used in applications such as search and rescue missions and building inspections.

“I feel very proud and excited to be the winner of the Grand Prize for Creating the Future,” said Ali Shatarbanov, inventor of the FlowIO platform. “It serves as confirmation that the journey I have undertaken for many years – to create a future where prototyping and innovation in emerging areas are faster, smoother and accessible to all – is one worth pursuing.”

The platform “allows researchers, engineers, artists, and makers of all backgrounds to focus on the actual projects or applications they are trying to create without having to deal with the complexities of hardware and software required to make these projects a reality,” says Shatarbanov.

Engineers and students from 56 countries submitted new ideas about products to the competition, which was established in 2002 to honor and reward engineering innovations that benefit humanity, the environment, and the economy. Co-sponsored this year’s COMSOL competition ( and Mouser Electronics ( Analog and Intel devices were supporting sponsors.

“As society faces significant challenges that can affect our way of life for future generations – such as climate change, energy shortages, and global health crises – innovators are stepping up to offer better villainous solutions to all of us,” he said. Burnt Nelson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at COMSOL, Inc. “Create the Future Design Competition provides a platform for these ideas and the people behind them, creating awareness and accelerating the adoption of new products and technologies. COMSOL is proud to support design innovators and their people for important work by sponsoring the Ibtikari Future Design competition.”

“Congratulations to this wonderful group of winners and to everyone who participated in this year’s competition,” he said. Kevin HessMouser, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “Part of Mouser’s mission is to promote technical innovation, and we are proud to support this global design competition that celebrates incredible creativity and insight into the future of technology.”

In addition to the grand prize, first place winners were selected in seven categories and received workstation computers from HP and NVIDIA.

space and defense
Well-equipped spacecraft: a thermal-electronic blanket improved as a sensor for debris (and cosmic dust)
Vibration-sensitive piezoelectric fibers and conductive pile fabric for plasma charge sensing, or “spacecraft fur!” The team anticipates that textile sensors, which are typically used for consumer wearable applications, will soon play an essential role in the skins of our future space assets.
Juliana Sherston, Wei YangAnd the Grace NoelAnd the Yuchen SunDavid Fisset Steve CoySyamantak Payra, Irmandy Wicaxono, Hajime YanoAnd the Yoel FinkAnd the Joseph Paradiso
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAnd the Cambridge, MassachusettsUnited States of America

Auto / Transportation
Betterfrost Ultra Low Energy Defrost Defrost System
The Betterfrost solution defrosts and defogs electric vehicle windshields with 20 times less power than current technology and extends the electric vehicle’s range by 38 km on average winter commute.
Derek Reading
Betterfrost Technologies, Ontario, Canada

Consumer Products
green screen
Urban noise and the condition of a building with an integrated roof drainage system and a low carbon footprint.
Tim Larsen
TL-Engineering, Verum, Denmark

Electronics / Sensors / Internet of Things
RF fingerprinting for industrial IoT security
Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) is based on new technology that sees a natural fingerprint in every wireless signal. The polarization of the signal is used as a unique and constant identifier.
Page Heller
Endpoint Security Inc. , College Station, TexasUnited States of America

Manufacturing / Robotics / Automation
3D printing on a large scale with tubes
In nature, you often find tubular structures that require high strength-to-weight ratios and efficient use of materials. The Pioneer Tube 3D printing process uses this same idea to print large, robust parts with minimal materials and no assembly required.
Hadley BrooksAnd the Nick HopkinsAnd the Robin Jancy Van Vuuren
University of Central LancashireAnd the Preston, United Kingdom

medical – Sponsored by Zeus (
Novel microShunt blue squid
Existing glaucoma drainage devices (GGDs) have significant drawbacks. The minimally invasive Squid Glaucoma MicroShunt (SGS) implant will make early surgical intervention an option for wider sections of the glaucoma population with potentially better outcomes, thus preventing blindness.
Karanjit KonerAnd the Orlando UccelloAnd the Walter VoightAnd the Yanliang Chang
University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, Dallas, TexasUnited States of America

Sustainable Technologies/Future Energy
SUNPave: Tomorrow’s Energy Today
A new solar panel technology generates the same amount of energy as the current solar PV technology at 10-15% lower energy cost.
Mohamed Rashad
SUNPave, Newark, DUnited States of America

The finalists were selected by the senior editors of the SAE Media Group and judged by an independent panel of design engineers. For more information visit


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