Awarded RISE ™ Robotics US patent for key technology

Awarded RISE ™ Robotics US patent for key technology

Somerville, MA, December 22, 2022– (working wire) –RISE™ RoboticsZero Emission Motion Control Company, today announced that it has been awarded a key US patent for its technology, belt-driven high-reduction linear actuator US Patent 11255,416.

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“The intellectual property protection of RISE™ Robotics is global,” said Arron Acosta, CEO of RISE™. “The broad patent portfolio we are currently developing will build confidence among our OEM and Tier 1 collaborators that they will maintain product differentiation well into the future.” “.

To date, RISE™ Robotics has dozens of patents pending, issued or granted worldwide. Additional pending US and international patent applications are expected to protect other technology developed by RISE™.

said RISE™ Robotics co-founder and chief technology officer Blake Sessions. “This new design paradigm contains identical subsystems to perform all the functions that a conventional hydraulic circuit performs today. We have created power transmission systems capable of activating machine work functions very efficiently and without the use of hydraulic oil.”

The patented RISE™ Robotics 3D belt topology enables the application of a high-strength linear force to a machine’s work function.

Advanced RISE™ technology is the intersection between hydraulic performance and linear actuator efficiency. RISE™ Robotics’ first commercial product is a fluid-free electromechanical replacement for hydraulic systems. Helps support battery electrification of industrial equipment by providing hydraulic system performance or better performance at levels of efficiencies previously available through some linear actuators. RISE™ technology delivers superior accuracy, speed and weight, and uses up to 90% less energy than hydraulic systems. RISE™ technology is a more cost effective and durable system compared to other electromechanical actuators and provides a longer stroke and higher speed. This extraordinary efficiency, combined with physical and functional reconfiguration tailored to the application, makes electrification of heavy machinery practical.

Founded in 2011 by alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), RISE™ Robotics is a high-growth technology company backed by The Engine, a Tough Tech venture capital fund created by MIT, Greentown Labs, and Techstars. .

About RISE™ Robotics

RISE™ Robotics leads the way to zero-emission heavy machinery by providing the world’s most efficient and productive alternative to hydraulics. Designed for medium and heavy duty applications, RISE™ technology delivers fuel, emissions and sound reductions, improving productivity and extending machine life. Learn more by:

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