Bespoke Manufacturing Company selects industrial and robotic automation solution from Zebra

Bespoke Manufacturing Company selects industrial and robotic automation solution from Zebra

Zebra Technologies Incwhich is a solution provider for data capture, implementation execution and visibility, as well as mobile bots, has announced that Bespoke Manufacturing Company (BMC)clothing maker, selected S&H . Systems and Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and stationary industrial scanners to improve visibility and productivity in BMC operations.

Zebra’s solutions will improve visibility into BMC’s workflow from initial printing and fabric cutting to the final stage of packaging and shipping, increasing efficiency and productivity and allowing the manufacturer to expand to meet growing demand, Zebra said. Zebra added that BMC chose Zebra’s integrated industrial and robotic automation solution to enable frontline workers to focus on production. Workflow logistics is entirely delegated to Zebra’s Fetch AMRs and stationary industrial scanners that move, track, and route work pieces to their destinations.

stated c. “I am particularly proud that Zebra’s smart and innovative solution allows us to create and maintain manufacturing jobs in the United States.”

Fetch AMR hardware and Zebra fixed industrial scanners complement each other for greater synergies and productivity gains. Zebra’s FS20 and FS40 stationary industrial scanners provide visibility into the movement of each piece in production, guiding Fetch robots to develop through the workflow from one destination to another, all the way to the packing and shipping stage of finished products. Zebra’s Fetch AMR hardware is fully integrated into the production process, freeing BMC’s human workers to focus on the most critical professional tasks in a controlled, secure and collaborative manner.

“Zebra helps companies like BMC harness the power of industrial automation and robotics to unleash new levels of performance that empower frontline workers to do their best work,” said James Lawton, vice president and general manager of robotics automation, Zebra Technologies. “The combined power of our solution elevates human and robotic performance by increasing capabilities and coordinating work and movement in real time resulting in faster execution, timely replenishment, and independent movement of materials for higher efficiencies and customer satisfaction.”

S&H Systems, a registered distributor and new member of the mobile robotics specialty under Zebra’s PartnerConnect program, has designed and integrated an industrial and robotic automation solution, which BMC expects to expand across existing and planned manufacturing sites to meet seasonal production increases and growing demand.

“Robots and machine vision are emerging technologies that are increasing the efficiency and productivity of frontline workers, but many companies do not have the inside knowledge to embrace this technology,” said Justin Ray, director of advanced technology at S&H Systems. “We understand how to efficiently implement a combination of technologies to save costs and increase efficiencies, and in the case of BMC, when combined with proven Zebra solutions, we simplify the production process for our customers from manufacturing.”

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