BMW and its robots will remove your forklift certification.  Good luck to have a date again, ever.

BMW and its robots will remove your forklift certification. Good luck to have a date again, ever.

Having trouble dating potential clients or looking cool with friends? Do you want to have a more social standing? Doing things like going to therapy, taking classes and getting that degree, reading self-help books, or getting plastic surgery is usually the “go-to” solution in today’s picture-obsessed world, but if you feel comfortable believing internet memes There is a better way: forklift certification.

A popular “forklift approved” meme, caught in the wild. fair use.

There are many, many other examples, but the takeaway from almost all of them is that you will have much better dating prospects if you are forklift certified.

But I have bad news for the players in this exclusive club of certified operators who will never feel lonely on a Friday night. A recent press release from BMW tells us that the machines want to get in on the action. They will not only steal your profitable forklift job at the local warehouse, but they will likely steal your ladies as well.

BMW i Ventures has announced its groundbreaking investment in Fox Robotics, the world’s first intelligent forklift that can autonomously unload pallets from the trailer to the receiving berth. The underwritten funding round raised a total of $20 million from new and existing investors. New investors include Zebra Technologies, Japan Airlines, Translink Innovation Fund and Foothill Ventures. Existing investors Menlo Ventures, ENIAC Ventures and SignalFire also participated in the round.

So, yes, rich investors are taking part in it. Probably because they are as envious as BMW when you went and bought a Tesla instead of a Bimmer. With forklifts, no one wants a German car to impress the ladies these days.

“Supply chain efficiency and flexibility are a top priority for many companies today. Fox Robotics Autonomous Forklifts allow customers to handle loads faster and more safely while increasing overall workplace productivity,” said Casper Sage, Managing Partner at BMW i Ventures. “We are excited about the next phase of growth for Fox Robotics, as we bring intelligent automation solutions to the global supply chain.”

Fox autonomous forklifts operate 24/7 at many customer locations today, including the DHL supply chain (which has very high standards). The company has solved the toughest challenge forklift operators to date – unloading trailers without changing anything about the warehouse environment. Fox’s solution is faster and easier to implement than other automation solutions, which can take weeks or months to integrate.

So, my forklift certified friends, time is short. Once the machines arrive at your warehouse, you won’t have long.

said Peter Anderson-Sprecher, co-founder and CEO of Fox Robotics. “The key to our success so far has been our ability to rapidly deploy our solutions to clients and learn and improve in live production environments.”

DHL Supply Chain was Fox’s first customer and since then has rapidly deployed its technology across many warehouses. So, avoid the yellow van company if you want to keep your certificate a little longer, you guys.

“In the DHL supply chain, the main focus has been an accelerated digitization strategy that seeks to nurture and deploy innovative technology solutions at scale. For this program to be successful, it is important that we establish strategic partnerships with companies like Fox where we can collaborate to develop solutions that address the unique challenges of the industry. Logistics Services. “Over the past three years, we’ve worked closely with Fox testing and sharing operational knowledge that has resulted in a product that delivers real value to both our customers and warehouse partners.”

Fox is a company on the rise, and its solution helps automate some of the world’s most complex logistics environments. Here’s what the company has to say about the horror they have created in the certified forklift world:

“Fox is performing today on one of David’s major insights [Fuller] And I’ve always wanted to offer KUKA – automating the material handling function. At KUKA, we’ve really improved the production side with robots, and now Fox is well positioned to do the same with pallet movement,” added Til Reuter, KUKA’s former CEO and incoming director at Fox. “It’s almost hard to believe how effective they are. Even when you see them running right in front of you.”

Even worse, the boss doesn’t even have to buy a new forklift. While autonomous vehicles are clearly not yet at the point where they can be deployed on public streets, the technology is being used in commercial environments, such as warehouses. Fox uses standard forklifts that are equipped with sensors and software to enable them to handle material independently, including precise hopping and the picking and movement of robust pallets. Deep learning systems use onboard cameras and LiDAR sensors to detect platforms, boxes, and other obstacles in real time. This allows the forklift to pick up pallets from trailers you’ve never seen before.

You know what this means – there are things you’ll never be able to see again, now that you’re on your way to losing that testimony.

Also, Zebra Technologies invested in the round. It is a global leader in enterprise automation solutions. So yeah, you’re in trouble, forklift guys. Let’s hear what Zebra has to say about all this:

“Zebra Technologies has been an active investor and solutions provider helping companies globally digitize and automate their supply chains and increase frontline workers,” said Tony Balczek, Managing Director of Zebra Ventures, Zebra Technologies. “Fox has demonstrated its ability to increase flexibility, security, and deliver a measurable return on investment, and we look forward to working together with Fox in this next phase of growth.”

The worst news about forklift studs? There is nowhere to go to get away from this. Fox aims to use its forklifts in warehouses and production environments around the world, as well as develop new independent capabilities for more uses. With the new money, it plans to increase production rates, invest in skilled personnel, and establish a global presence.

It’s too late to go and buy a BMW to try and get on their good side now. They’ve already let the robot forklift genie out of the bottle, and he’ll never come back again. Sorry.

Featured image: Screenshot from Fox Robotics’ YouTube video (embedded above).

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