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KOCHI: Speaking to the classrooms in the different schools where the exhibits of Kerala Sasthrollsavam School – 2022 were shown, one thing is clear: the children were closely observing the events taking place around them. They are dedicated to making the world a better place.

For example, some of the projects featured here are inspired by the tragic death of kindergarten girl Mensa Mariam Joy, who succumbed to heatstroke and suffocation after being trapped inside a school bus in Qatar, and the recent bus accident in Vadakinchery.

Devika TM and Aditya K from Kadampazhipuram Secondary School in Palakkad have come up with an invention that will alert drivers if no child gets off the bus. “The system runs on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Arduino Micro Control (AMC),” the duo says. “Tragedies like what happened in Qatar can be avoided by installing this system on school buses.”

They explain that RFID is used to calculate each student’s entry and exit from the vehicle. GSM technology is used to facilitate communication with the recipient (parents). A notification message will be sent to the parents via the mobile phone.

They point to another innovation, the Driver Drowsiness Detector. “We used an infrared-based eye blink sensor to detect the condition of the driver’s eyelid being closed,” says Aditya. “We came up with this idea after the Vadakinchery accident.”

If the driver closes his eyes for longer than the normal blinks, the sensor will activate a buzzer to wake him up. The duo explain that if the glitch persists, the AI ​​system will slow the car down and stop it on the left side of the road.

Abhay Raj MK and Adwaith M Sasikumar of PRM Kolavallur HSS in Kannur have also come up with a system that will prevent accidents due to drunk driving, high beam headlights, drowsiness and vehicle tilts.

Adithian Sudhir St Clair Oral School for
Deaf in my clay modeling
On the work experience fair at Sacred Heart HSS

Robotic nurse, “green” incinerator
Alma Sajan and Nandana J Krishna of CGHSS in Kochi in Saint Teresa have developed a remote-controlled robotic “Midi Nurse”. “He can be pressured to serve in times like a pandemic, or while caring for people with infectious diseases,” the duo says.

Then there was the Holocaust and Generator developed by Karthik Sivan and Rudra Raj of CHM Senior Secondary School in Bukuluthur in Malappuram. “The heat generated by the incinerator is used to turn water into steam, which turns turbines to generate electricity,” the duo explains, adding that the steam can be used for other purposes such as cooking as well.

“Meanwhile, the smoke is filtered, and the purified carbon dioxide is passed into the water, to generate carbonic acid.”

Smart farm, anti-drinking helmet
Sainath PK and Amal Prakash of Koodali HSS, Kannur, have come up with a smart farm concept that uses the latest technology to monitor moisture and nutrient levels in the soil, as well as to thwart animal intrusion.

“When nutrient or water levels drop, sensors turn on valves in the water and compost tanks, depending on requirements,” says the duo who won first prize in the high school category. “Motion sensors on the fence detect the presence of animals and trigger a mechanism that lights up light bulbs and hits the barrels. Light and sound will repel the animals.”

Abhijit P and Aswajith M from GHSS Pattambi in Palakkad have developed a pocket-friendly home automation app. “Our system also has a mechanism that uses the Google Assistant to power the electrical system in the house,” they say.

Meanwhile, Navneet J and Devadath S from NSS Senior Secondary School, Kidangor, in Kottayam, Jarvis, introduced the AI ​​assistant.

“Alexa is a solid object. It has nothing to do with the user. But Jarvis is actually there. It moves and works too. The software was built using Python,” explains the duo, who named their creation JARVIS of Iron Man.

Another interesting highlight is the smart helmet developed by Gayathri P and Siddharth S Kumar of Don Bosco HSS, Tiruvalla. They say, “The motorcycle will only start if the rider is wearing the helmet.” “And it will not start if the passenger is drunk. The helmet contains a sensor to alert the passenger if drowsiness is detected.”
Some students have introduced products that help the blind. There were hats, shoes, walking sticks and clothes with sensors that help the visually impaired prevent mishaps.

These sensors will make a loud beep or vibrate to alert users about obstacles in their path. Besides the innovators, inventors, and miracles of mathematics, the stars of the mila were the children with special needs who created magic in clay, paper, reed, cloth and various other materials.

Talent search
Kerala State School Sasthrolsavam-2022, billed as Asia’s largest student science fair, is a combination of five variables – Science Fair, Math fair, Social Science Fair, Work Experience Fair and IT Fair. The goal of such an event is to nurture students’ talents in areas such as science and practical experience through learning processes that will ultimately benefit society as a whole. On Friday, high school students will showcase their talents as creators, technologists, artists, and mathematicians. The event will conclude on Saturday.

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House of Science HSS: Social Sciences
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