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Catalyst Scholarship 2022-2023 Winners Announced – Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and the North Carolina College of Education awarded three Catalyst grants designed to increase research collaboration between faculty and staff in both entities and high-impact collaborative research that will lead to further inquiry and support.

“This year’s projects will continue the tradition of combining the ideas and projects ongoing at the Friday Institute with the research expertise and teacher preparation programs of the College of Education,” He said Houlin LeeInterim Associate Dean of the Friday Institute and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics in Education at the College of Education. “We are excited to see how these collaborative efforts between the Friday Institute and the College of Education can help advance transformative research and practice to help address educational issues such as climate change education, virtual schools, and the inculcation of computer science in elementary education.”

Grants review team included Mine. Melissa Raspberrydirector of professional learning and collaborative leadership at the Friday Institute. Jane IscoAssistant Professor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis at the College of Education. And the Brianna ParkerAssistant Professor of Counseling and Educational Guidance, College of Education.

“It is exciting to see how the Catalyst Grant has created a productive collaboration and has benefited from the unique knowledge and skills of researchers at the College and the Friday Institute,” he said. Karen HolbrandsAssociate Dean for Research and Innovation at the College of Education. “Now in its fifth year, it is rewarding to see many of the projects that were initially funded from this program receive external funding to continue the work.”

See below for a list of winning proposals and researchers.

Virtual Academies in North Carolina: Examining Profiles, Issues, and Trends

The purpose of this project is to develop a virtual school profile in North Carolina and to study the opportunities, needs, and challenges of virtual academies. As a result, this project will help communicate a common understanding of the hypothetical landscape in North Carolina.

awarded to: Blake Wigsa researcher at the Friday Institute, and Florence MartinProfessor of Learning, Design and Technology, College of Education.

Instructions on climate change: Science educators’ perspectives, experiences, and educational visuals

Dealing with the global threat of climate change requires effective education about climate science, climate change risks, and solutions. In this study, the project team will analyze science teachers’ expository presentations to examine climate change visual representations and will survey teachers to document their goals in climate change education, challenges they face in teaching about climate change, and the sources of their visual representations. and their perceptions of the reliability and accuracy of the information displayed in the displays. This study has the potential to inform the design of climate change instruction to educate a new generation about this critical and complex issue.

awarded to: Jill JonesHe is a distinguished graduate professor in the College of Education and a senior faculty member at the Friday Institute. Megan ManfraProfessor of Social Studies and Education, College of Education. Sarah CarrierProfessor of Primary Scientific Education, College of Education. And the Rebecca Wardassistant climate scientist in the country North Carolina Climate Bureau PhD student in learning and education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics science education Focus in the College of Education.

Pre-service access to computing knowledge (PACK)

This project focuses on providing professional development (PD) for elementary education majors in computer science, particularly on how to integrate computing concepts into the “regular” classroom. Pre-service teachers will be surveyed and interviewed to determine any changes in the effectiveness of teaching in computer science and which parts of the PD may have affected those results.

awarded to: Rebecca Davisa research associate at the Friday Institute, and Walkwik TempleAssociate Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education, College of Education.

About the Friday Institute

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation advances K-12 education through innovation in teaching, learning and leadership by bringing together students, educators, researchers, policy makers and educational professionals to foster collaborations that improve education for all learners. The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation is part of the North Carolina State College of Education, one of the nation’s leading land-grant education colleges.

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