Cleo Robotics to develop a tactical drone for the US Army

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / DECEMBER 7, 2022 / Cleo RoboticsInc., developer of the Dronut air vehicle platform, has been awarded a contract by the US Army to deliver a number of prototype tactical Dronut (TacDronut) systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. The contract, valued at $2.5 million, was awarded by the US Army’s Office of Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies (RCCTO) after the technology was selected during the Army Innovation Day competition evaluation of disruptive and innovative technologies to address required critical capabilities.

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Army RCCTO specializes in executing rapid prototyping and initialization of strategically important capabilities. said Mr. Robert Monto, Jr., deputy director of the Army RCCTO’s Office of Critical Technologies (CTO) and Advanced Concepts and Experiments (ACE).

As soldiers are required to operate in more crowded and contested environments, next-generation small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) that can operate in buildings, tunnels, and other enclosed spaces are critical to mission success on the battlefield. The TacDronut is a compact, lightweight and rugged unmanned missile system based on Cleo’s next-generation Dronut technology.

The Dronut is a ducted aerial vehicle platform that is able to withstand impact without sustaining damage and can operate in GPS enabled and GPS environments. Its intelligence and sensor payload make it highly capable and reduce the cognitive load on the soldier, allowing commanders to quickly adapt to the challenges they face on a highly fluid battlefield. After a successful demonstration of the prototype with the 82nd Airborne Division, the TacDronut will be flown by the Army as a Departed Soldier ISR capability.

“The TacDronut sUAS project was selected as part of the Army’s RCCTO Office of Advanced Concepts and Experimental (ACE) mission to rapidly develop, test, and transfer advanced technologies to address high-priority items of the Warfighter. The goal of this project is to improve the air platform,” said Mr. Nathan Rozia, Army RCCTO ACE. Kinetics to support indoor and outdoor short-range operations in complex environments to help mitigate operational gaps involving clearing buildings, potential tunnels and other enclosed spaces that present a significant challenge to our war veterans.” Project Office is leading on TacDronut’s efforts.

“We specifically developed Dronut to operate in challenging environments and provide life-saving intelligence, so the TacDronut program is a natural evolution of this technology,” said Omar Elyan, founder and CEO of Cleo Robotics. “This endorsement by the U.S. Army is a great testament to the groundbreaking technology we’re building, and we’re thrilled to work with the Army’s RCCTO team and soldiers from elite groups like the 82nd Airborne Division.”

About Cleo Robotics

Cleo Robotics specializes in developing intelligent, non-conventional robotic systems for operation in hazardous and challenging environments, with a focus on autonomy, data capture, data processing, and analytics. The company’s Dronut X1 is a commercial unmanned system for inspection of confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas in factories and industrial facilities, and is currently used by several Fortune 500 companies.

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