CoderZ launches a new course on programming and robotics for the code farm for grades 4-6

CoderZ launches a new course on programming and robotics for the code farm for grades 4-6

Derry, New Hampshire – When young students learn to code, they hone skills — such as computational thinking and collaboration — that enhance their success in school and future jobs. CoderZ, an award-winning cloud-based robotics and STEM platform, is helping educators introduce computer science into elementary and early middle school through its new system Code farm Coding and robotics course for grades four to six.

Created for educators and students with no prior coding or robotics experience, Code Farm provides 45-60 hours of self-paced, game-driven activities with real-time feedback and step-by-step instructions. The course offers a broad view of computer science education through a variety of lenses: engineering design, algorithms and coding, ethics and social impact of technology, and more. The course is aligned with relevant standards frameworks, such as CSTA and NGSS, and includes additional middle school classroom opportunities.

Learners use the Blockly programming language to guide virtual robots through tasks such as collecting fruit, avoiding obstacles, and even planting a garden of their own design.

“We designed this introductory course to set the standards for elementary computer science programs in the classroom,” said Elizabeth Bacon, Director of Teaching at CoderZ. “Strategic scaffolding is embedded throughout the programme, so that teachers can successfully develop all students in various aspects of STEM learning using a discovery-based approach.

Code Farm’s targeted skill-building lessons are paired with open project work to deepen understanding and develop critical thinking. Activities include:

Practice corrective skills

Use sensors to move between robots

Use loops

Use of variables

Create and collaborate on projects

In addition, students also hone skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication by participating in guided class activities and discussions.

“This latest addition to the award-winning CoderZ platform, furthers our mission of igniting STEM learners’ passion and preparing them for a successful future,” said Eldar Aharonovitch, CoderZ COO. That’s why we’re participating in the Hour of Code in December where students can participate in Garden activity planting. “

Requiring no hardware or specialized training, all CoderZ courses are easy to implement, cost effective, and designed to enable any educator to bring STEM to their classrooms. For more information about Code Farm, visit

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CoderZ believes STEM education is essential for the future and should be universally accessible to all children. So, we’ve built an engaging virtual robotics platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn (and teach) the core subjects that make STEM come to life! Founded in mathematics, physics, and engineering, CoderZ teaches students computational thinking and technical ability. It challenges them to solve problems in the real world to develop a growth mindset. For a free trial visit:

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