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Cyclone Robotics concluded the “Borderless Digital Future, Digital Technology with Unlimited Productivity” event

SingaporeAnd the December 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cyclone Robotics, a leading Chinese robotic process automation (RPA) provider, has successfully concluded this year’s event themed “Borderless digital future, digital technology with unlimited productivityDuring the online event, an audience consisting of prominent thought leaders and partners from government, industry and academia participated and discussed how the ecosystem can better foster industrial transformation through the application of expertise, and the event concluded with a grand launch of the upgraded product pavilions.

According to the CEO and Founder, Vincent GaoThis first mass upgrade of its product suite since its debut in 2015 is a significant achievement for the Series C funded company.

The long list of upgrades and improvements is due to the company’s unwavering focus and heavy investment in research and product development.

Vincent Gao “Cyclone Robotics has gone through many rounds of successful capital collaborations, multiple product iterations and versions. I’m also honored to be able to compete on a global stage with so many other vendors,” he explained.

He also said that this latest round of upgrades by Cyclone Robotics signals the arrival of the digital wave for the industry. Vincent saw these recent innovations as an example for the RPA sector and the digital technology industry in general.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never go away, computing power will never regress, and technology will always advance. Digital productivity driven by digital technology has become the only certainty in an uncertain era. We hope to build an ecosystem of solutions and create a win-win situation with more corporate customers and partners “.

Vincent Gao He emphasized that the greater the uncertainty in the industry, the more companies need to seize the certainty.

“The age of digital productivity has arrived. Cyclone’s mission is to reduce the societal cost of ownership of productivity in general, and to enable the development of productivity in China and the world in an agile and sustainable way. “

The latest releases of Cyclone product ranges are available in both Mandarin and English.

About Cyclone Robotics

Founded in 2015, Cyclone Robotics is the world’s leading provider of RPA technology and thought leader in hyper-automation with an average annual growth rate of 400% since 2019. The company now has more than 800 employees in 24 subsidiaries and affiliates around the world, serving more than 1000 global customers. In early 2021, Cyclone Robotics sets up its site Singapore Branch as its office ASEAN HQ Asia Pacific Expansion to enable businesses from ASEAN, Japanand ANZ and The Middle Eastacross a variety of sectors to accelerate digital transformation efforts with Cyclone’s full suite of RPA products and services.

The company has also established its European head office Londonand new branches in Indonesia And the Amsterdam This year to strengthen its global presence in the American and European market. Its explosive business growth, leading technology, strong team, advanced product ideas, and ability to seize business opportunities have been particularly recognized by international investors and authorities. Continuing to favor frontline capital, Cyclone Robotics has raised the bar 150 million US dollars in Series C financing November 2021setting a record for the highest single financing in the China RPA industry.


The list of promotions includes:

  1. Upgraded version of Cyclone Robot & Designer, from v4.3 to v5.0, which provides better user experience for technical and non-technical staff.

  2. Enhanced “Flow Diagram” feature in Cyclone Designer that simplifies and clarifies complex business scenarios and makes business processes more intuitive and coherent for flow diagram users.

  3. Comprehensively enhance the ability of intelligent capture of computer vision, through the continuous improvement of deep learning algorithms. The result is improved accuracy and an improved ability to recognize and understand graphics.

  4. Dynamic loading of component packages to save resources efficiently. Before automated resources run, dependencies from configured sources are automatically found and installed to ensure workflows are executed efficiently.

  5. Launch of the Enterprise and Professional editions of Cyclone Controller. The Enterprise edition is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with powerful centralized management functions and centralized control of bots and automated tasks.

  6. Optimal use of the robot through participation. The new floating authorization functionality supports bot engagement, improves their usage rate, and returns on investment (ROI).

  7. Upgraded architecture, independent shared service (CS) that supports the full suite of Cyclone products. Now, the CS is separated from the central control to act as a layer on top of the entire stack. This enables flexible design and customization of solutions that best fit customer needs; They can choose different combinations of product components, and support groups that enable rich product sales.

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