DIY Autumn Decoration Ideas

DIY Autumn Decoration Ideas

Autumn is the perfect time to get involved in the industry. The days are getting colder, and sometimes you just want to stay warm inside. If you want to add a little personality to your space, here are some DIY home decor activities that are sure to add warmth!

Easy pumpkin floral centerpiece

For this piece, head to Michaels or your local craft store to choose a faux pumpkin that will fit the size of the table you’re looking to decorate. Next, head to the floral department and buy an assortment of artificial fall flowers and a couple of sprigs of leaves or berries; Include sunflowers and motherwort if you’re aiming for a traditional fall arrangement. Pro tip – local dollar stores may surprise you with their wide variety of DIY fall supplies, especially in fake flowers! I would recommend that you first stop at a dollar store, and then pick up additional decorations from the craft store afterward.

To create the centerpiece, cut a hole around the stem of the pumpkin and remove the stem. This hole should be the size of your palm or slightly larger if you choose a larger center piece. After removing any marks from the artificial flowers and foliage, you can arrange them in any way you see fit! Remember that twigs of foliage can be used to make the bouquet more elegant and solemn, or more rustic and original; The ambiance is yours to decide!

DIY paper lanterns

If you want to add an extra autumnal touch to plain glass lamps, this quick and easy project is the right choice for you! This can be super fun if you have extra building receptacles lying around and you want to reuse, or you can be more intentional and buy a pair of simple lanterns at your local craft store. All you need for this craft are fake papers, Mod Podge, a sponge brush, and whatever glass jar you wish to use for your lamps.

To get started, lay out some newspaper or paper towels to protect any surface you’re working on from Mod Podge. Then, using the sponge brush, generously apply a layer of Modge Podge to the glass; You’ll want this to be the glue that will hold the papers together, so don’t be shy – apply it to really thick! Next, place as few or as many sheets of paper as you like on the surface, then apply another thick layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it completely. Let it dry, insert a candle for maximum fall detail, and there you have it—your own leafy lantern!

Pumpkin topiary stacked

For this great display, you’ll need artificial pumpkins of three different sizes – large, medium, and small. It’s around this time of year that Michaels tends to put them up for sale, so buying multiple products won’t break the bank. Pumpkins, a hot glue gun, and a foliage garland are all you need to make your dream pile a reality!

The first step is to remove the stem of a large and medium pumpkin. The easiest way to remove is to grab a pumpkin and cut a small hole around the stem in the same way you would cut the top of a jack-o’-lantern; This hole should be a lot smaller – it’s just so the pumpkins can rest smoothly on top of each other in the stack. Repeat this technique with the other pumpkin, remembering to keep the stem of the small pumpkin attached. Once you have the two stems removed, use a hot glue gun to generously attach the medium pumpkin to the larger portion, then the smaller one on top. As a finishing touch, take the leafy wreath and wrap it gracefully around your topiary to add some personality to your creation!

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