DIY car in the US: A Singaporean couple lives in a DIY car in the US, saving $30,000 a year

DIY car in the US: A Singaporean couple lives in a DIY car in the US, saving $30,000 a year

The United States has approximately 90% of homes in ownership. For Singaporeans, even the idea of ​​renting is unusual. So, a Singaporean couple, Gracia and Yi Jia, decided to convert the van into a living space, and lived there for a year while they went on a road trip. In a conversation, they told their exciting story.

the story

Gracia Wei Jia wanted to travel around the world. They said, “Our dreams of materialism and merit in Singapore exhausted us, so we were careful not to pursue them. Our desire to travel the world together made us take a leap of faith, and living in a van became our happiest choice yet.”

They also said that living in our van provided the comforts of home and opened up the possibility of a new adventure wherever we went.

The couple also estimated that compared to rented living, the savings would be approximately $30,000 per couple.

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DIY Truck:

The couple owned a used 2013 Ford Transit equipped with the following:

• Extension shelf for additional storage

• Electrical installations. Solar Panels, Fridge, Fan, USB Ports, Inverter, Wall Socket, Puck Lights and Gel Batteries

• Sofa with pull-out bed

• small kitchen

• Water storage system

• A bathroom for small businesses

questions and answers:

  1. How did the couple solve their parking problems?
    They’ve stayed at a Walmart or Planet fitness parking lot overnight and, while traveling in the wilderness, parked on free public land.
  2. What does Konmari mean?
    The KonMari method means keeping the everyday essentials and getting rid of everything else that doesn’t spark joy.

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