DIY Christmas wreath: How to make your own Jupiter wreath

DIY Christmas wreath: How to make your own Jupiter wreath

All you need to make a Christmas wreath are some foraging materials and a little know-how. But with a few careful choices, you can create an astronomy-themed wreath by incorporating a planetary color palette into your holiday decorations.

Since the planets are (generally) round, they are the perfect subject for a wreath. The colors of Jupiter work well with a Christmas wreath, which means you’ll need to gather cream and brown materials, such as ferns, dried flowers, and herbs.

And of course, you’ll need something red to denote big red spot A large, hostile storm has been raging in Jupiter’s atmosphere for centuries. You can use the head of hydrangea, poinsettia, or aquilea, which you may still be able to find in your garden.

Jupiter is captured by three of its largest moons. The famous Great Red Spot can be seen on Jupiter itself, along with many other spots and storms. Similar details also appear on the three moons of Jupiter. The bright ray crater Osiris can be clearly seen on Ganymede, upper left. Photo by Damian Beach

If you want to give your wreath the look of the Earth, go for green, blue, and white foliage. Alternatively, you can use red and orange foliage if you decide to base your wreath on Mars.

Deciding on a color palette is a good starting point, but highlighting distinctive features, like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot or Saturn’s rings, is a great way to make your wreath stand out from the crowd.

You can find a lot of building materials out there: ivy, eucalyptus, ferns, and hawthorns work brilliantly for wreaths, and you might as well still have things in your garden that you can add. Think about the shape of the wreath before foraging and there will be no need to waste anything. If you want more wreath ideas, head over to Collected To get a report on the best Winter wreath ideas.

If you plan to use dried flowers and herbs, you’ll need to allow a few weeks to allow them to dry, however, most of them will dry in the wreath – so you can work with fresh materials knowing that they will dry out over time.

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What you will need to make a Christmas wreath

These are the materials you need to make a science wreath
  • rattan base
  • wires
  • scissors
  • A selection of cream, brown and red foliage
  • Dried orange
  • Dried hydrangea heads
  • white statice flower (or similar)
  • Something red represents the Great Red Spot
  • tape

Step 1: Build the base

How to Make a Jupiter Wreath Step 1

Collect some brown foliage. Weave the tips of the foliage into the rattan base, securing the foliage with wire if necessary, and work your way around the wreath. Position your leaves so they are all facing the same direction, fanning them outward slightly as you do this, as this helps provide balance and movement.

Step 2: Add more Jupiter foliage

How to Make a Jupiter Wreath Step 2

Start thickening the left side by adding more grass and lodging. Try changing the colors to represent Famous lines on Jupiter, as well as giving your wreath some depth. Weave the tips of the foliage into the base, as before, and secure it with wire if the foliage feels loose.

Step 3: Add small planets

How to Make a Jupiter Wreath Step 3

Still working on the left side, attach the whole dried orange. These have a lovely striped effect, which helps add color and height to your wreath.

Step 4: Fill in the blanks

How to Make a Jupiter Wreath Step 4

Fill in any gaps between the oranges so that they look like they’re in the wreath rather than on top of it. Use a mixture of brown and cream foliage to bring out the colors of Jupiter.

Step 5: Create the Northern Lights at the North and South Poles

How to Make a Jupiter Wreath Step 5

NASA agency The Voyager 1 space probe He discovered the aurora at Jupiter’s north and south poles, in 1979. So, to represent the planet’s aurora, he used a white statice flower (any white flower or berry would do) and added clusters at the top and bottom, with the flower stems cut short. This enables you to place your flowers at the base and face outward.

Step 6: Add a big red spot

How to Make a Jupiter Wreath Step 6

Finally, use the other material to feather around the left side and into the right side, to finish off the bulk of the wreath. The last thing to do is add the final touch – the great red spot at the bottom right.

Wreath wreath inspired by the planet Jupiter

A wreath inspired by the planet Jupiter

Tie a ribbon and your Christmas wreath is ready to hang and celebrate the season, with a little flag thrown to boot.

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