DIY Dog Halloween Costumes: These DIY Costumes Are Super Easy - DodoWell

DIY Dog Halloween Costumes: These DIY Costumes Are Super Easy – DodoWell

There are a lot of Halloween costumes for dogs available to buy online, but sometimes it’s fun to get creative and make your own Halloween costume for your dog. We’ve found some of the most original (and easiest) Halloween costumes you can dress up at home with just a few supplies you might already have.

Plus, DIY fashion is usually more affordable than buying ready-to-wear, which is always a good thing!

Warm up your hot glue gun and sharpen your scissors – you have a DIY project to do!

The best DIY Halloween costumes for your dog

Here are some of the best dog costumes that let you show off your muscles on your own.


This might be one of the easiest costumes you can make for your dog this Halloween – you’ll turn your pup into a huge Beanie Baby by making a giant “Ty” Beanie Baby tag! All you need is:

  • poster board
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • red paint
  • white paint
  • hole punch
  • yarn or thread

First, decide if you want to open the Beanie Baby Ty tag to reveal a message. If so, fold the poster board in half. Then, keeping the fold inside the shape, draw a heart on the poster board with a pencil. Heart cut.

Draw the iconic “Ty” heart design and then paint the background red and the letters and borders white. Inside, you can add information about your dog, or make up something! Finally, add a punch in the upper left corner and tie a piece of yarn to the dog’s collar.

You can check out Complete Brit + Co . Tutorial.


For this super cute DIY dog halloween costume from DIY studiowhich turns your dog into marshmallows stuck between two cardboard graham crackers, you’ll only need a few supplies:

  • white dog shirt
  • Brown canvas paint (or brown paper)
  • Cardboard
  • scissors
  • velcro tapes

First, paint the brown chocolate drops on the top side of the dog’s shirt with fabric paint (acrylic paint should work well too), or cut the chocolate drops out of brown paper and stick them to the dog’s shirt.

Next, cut two squares of cardboard to make graham crackers. You can draw on the graham cracker slots or leave the cardboard as is. Make sure that the piece of cardboard that will stick to your dog’s underside will not interfere with his walk.

Attach one side of the velcro to the top and bottom of the dog’s shirt and the matching side to each of the cardboard squares. When your dog is wearing his shirt, you can quickly add Graham’s accessories and remove them as needed.

Shark and surfing

Here is a cool outfit for the parents of pets and puppies Repeat Wearing Wag. You can dress up like a surfer while your dog plays a shark that just took a bite off your board!
For this matching outfit, you will need:

  • foam board
  • pencil
  • gray paint
  • Paint colors of your choice
  • Glue
  • scissors or knife
  • An old scarf or scrap fabric long enough to fit around a dog’s midsection

For a shark fin for your dog, mark the shape of the fin on a piece of foam board and cut it out. Paint the fin gray on both sides. While the fin is drying, cut two rectangular shapes from the foam board that are at least the same length as the bottom of the fin. Glue the bottom of the fin to one of these rectangles and paint the rectangle gray.

Next, place the fabric strip vertically between each of the regular rectangle of foam board and the base of the fins and glue everything in place. When dry, tie the cloth around the dog’s waist, and the fin should remain upright.

Next, make yourself a chewable skateboard using another piece of foam board. Draw one end of the skateboard with jagged tooth marks on the other end. Cut out your skateboard and then paint it with the colors of your choice. Put on your swim trunks, and you’re ready to party!

jet dog

to infinity and beyond! To make your dog a jetpack for Halloween, you’ll only need a few materials (some of which can be found in your recycling bin!):

  • Two bottles of clean soda
  • adhesive tape/flashing tape
  • Red and orange paper towels
  • scissors
  • wire

First, wrap each soda bottle in airway or flashing tape so that it is completely covered. Next, take a strip of masking tape and attach the two bottles together, side by side.

Cut strips of red and orange tissue paper to make the flames. You can then use more tape to attach the tissue strips to the neck ends of the bottles.

To attach the jetpack to your dog’s harness, you can pass a length of wire between the bottles, under the tape that holds them together, and secure the pack that way. Or you can use more tape to attach the pack to the back of the belt. After that, you can just cut the tape when Halloween is over.

Check out the full tutorial on dog guide.


Spiders and Halloween will always work hand in hand, so why not dress up your dog like a fluffy spider on Halloween night? For this outfit, courtesy of Sea Lemon on YouTubeyou will need:

  • Pipe cleaners (look for giant-sized ones if your dog is larger)
  • scissors
  • Your dog’s collar

Yes, that’s it! To make spider legs, twist about four or five pipe cleaners together and repeat again. Take two Twisted Pipe Cleaner bundles and twist them together at the ends to create longer legs with a hinge in the middle. (But if your dog is smaller, you may not need to make very long legs – just stick to the length of the original pipe cleaner!)

Repeat this process seven more times to make eight legs in total.

Attach four legs to each side of the dog’s collar (with his collar lock centered) by wrapping pipe cleaners around the collar and twisting the ends back over the lengths. Then bend the legs into shape, and you’re done!

If your dog isn’t ready for the idea of ​​wearing a costume, it’s always a good idea to take it off before he panics or ruins it. You never want to make your dog feel uncomfortable just to impress trick-or-treaters.

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