DIY Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop!  thoughts

DIY Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop! thoughts

Eddie Van Halen scored the first goal of the year. Not with a new song, but with a new group…

Guitar god Eddie Van Halen has been immortalized with his very own Vinko Pop!

Ever since Wolfgang announced it nearly a year ago (“Dad signed off on this Funko Road in 2019, and it’s great to see it finally come to fruition. He got so excited with what happened!”) fans have been clamoring for one.

So when the file Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop! It was released earlier this year, and it instantly became a huge hit with audiophiles And the collegiate.

Eddie is captured perfectly – dressed in his 1984 stage clothes, playing his famous red, white and black 5150 guitar, airborne in his famous scissor kick jump, and smiling like he always did on stage!

As expected, it’s a best-selling Van Halen collectible in years, and fans have been proudly sharing their photos and thoughts on displaying this gem in all its glory.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 great ideas for displaying one of the coolest – and certainly the most beautiful – Van Halen items ever! Check out the tour… There are bound to be some ideas you haven’t thought of before!

shelf or desk

This is the most popular way to show Eddie doing the classic scissor kick! Simply take Funko Pop! The Rocks: Eddie Van Halen Outside the Box, Where He Is.

dashboard friend

And a suction cup, and voila! You have Eddy for your dashboard. missed a turn? It will keep you company as you find your way back to the road.

Magic rear view mirror

Take Eddie for a ride! Simply pop the shape out of its base and screw in a hook.

fireplace mantle decor

Top designers say you should mix colors and patterns for maximum effect. Plus, goats look great when placed as a conversation piece.

Caveman / Barstool

Just set Eddy to original EVH barstool, or anywhere in the man cave as a preliminary estimate. (Tip of the hat to dad_halen_5150 on this person’s Instagram).

Main bar/liquor cabinet

Enjoy a shot or a drink while reminiscing about yesteryear, when Guitar God left us in awe with his trademark licking and high-action scissor kick!

Amp Decor, also known as “Ed on a Head”

“Forget Elf on the Shelf. This is ‘Ed on a Head!’” says VH fan Beau Henderson. We Agree – EVH Funko Pop! It sounds rad on stage, on a subwoofer, or pretty much anywhere near your gear.

A mini tribute to Eddie’s Little Guitars

We almost cried over the awesome detail and quality Official EVH Miniature Guitarswhich looks very cool when paired with one 5150 microstacks. But damn, does the EVH look formidable amid the 10’s versions of its classic axles.

Christmas wreath poppin’ accent wreath

Another way to hang this little guy, we used a wreath as a frame for the legendary guitarist to bring out. See instructions below on the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop transformation! in decoration.

Favorite album(s).

What’s your favorite Van Halen album(s)? Use it as the perfect wallpaper for Eddie!

Christmas tree decoration

One of our favorites, because — Eddie Van Halen’s Christmas tree ornament looks amazing!

Here’s how we transformed Funko Pop! to a suspended delight (You’ll want to do this with extra Funko Pop, because turning it into a decoration is always a makeover)

  1. Get out of his position. (Just grab him and remove him. He always looks like a clean break from his back, and his looks don’t hurt.)
  2. Take any eye hook and simply hook it at the top center of his head. You can easily do this by hand. no exercise needed).
  3. Use any string or ribbon to hang the mini chip on a tree, wreath, rear view mirror, etc.

Rock with Eddie like there’s no tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed these great presentation and DIY ideas for Funko Pop! The Rocks: Eddie Van Halen’s character. We live by the rule that if you have it, respect it! Of course, if you’re a collector, you’ll need to get an extra to keep it fresh in the box.

We’re sure there are plenty of other great ways to show off your goats. We look forward to seeing your ideas! Post your photos and videos (settings and how they work). We’ll be sure to share some of our favorites with the world!

Do you have an Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop yet? You might as well jump into action and get your EVH Funko in all its scissor kick glory! Also, these make great, thoughtful stocking stuffers for anyone who loves rock music or collectibles. Also makes a unique white elephant gift, or a fun gift for coworkers. Spread the VH cheer! Order yours at

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