DIY French Farm on a Budget: Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

DIY French Farm on a Budget: Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Admittedly, when you buy a furnished home, you have to live with other people’s decorating choices.

Some features chosen by previous owners are easy to adapt to your taste but others are more permanent.

The bathroom, for example, is filled with heavy ceramic items whose appearance cannot easily be quickly changed. Whatever color they made, they will stay, and either you live with them or take the drastic step of tearing everything apart and starting over.

The demands of time and money meant that while I really wanted to completely transform our basement bathroom, I couldn’t justify attacking it with a two-handled sledgehammer. I realized I had to find a solution halfway.

yellow “thumping”

The problem was the color scheme. The shower, toilet, bidet, and two sinks were all in the light shade of yellow primrose. Why anyone would want bathroom fixtures to be made in any color other than white is far from me, but these should be on private display.

Meanwhile, the lower walls were covered with gray tiles decorated with some unforgettable decorations at all. They were not to our taste at all and did not go with the yellow.

Above the tiles, the upper walls were covered with dark green velvet wallpaper (flaking off in places) and the ceiling made of strips of polished wood panels. This makes four colors already.


Since this bathroom will never be monochromatic, we decided to go the other way and make it more ostentatious, while embracing what we already have.

Yellow had to stay and work around it. I couldn’t bother with the green wallpaper and it was relatively harmless. The tile work between the two was the real issue and we decided to give it a coat of amazing pink paint – the kind made specifically for tiles in wet areas.

Halfway through the drawing, we realized we were going from over-yellow to over-pink. So we came up with a clear idea of ​​adding a new color.

There was only one wall that could be manipulated to change it.

I bought a lot of tongue and groove boards, cut them and alternately painted them white and pink. Then I installed them on three horizontal beams that were firmly fixed in the tiles to the wall.

On top, I hung a piece of wood to give the impression of a dado rail.

beach hut theme

At this point, I realized I was working on a beach hut theme.

That gave me an idea of ​​the board. Why play it live when pigeons were really cranky?

I took out a jigsaw and cut the top of the board into a wavy shape. It was a bit wasteful in terms of the wood used, but it gave the bathroom a nice touch of semi-exotic.

I was tempted to paint the skirting board blue or green, but that would have gone too far. Pigeons will become more literal than sarcastic.

As they say in the theater, the best dialogue does not relate to its symbolism directly to the audience. It is intimate. I’m sure anyone who uses my bathroom will understand this point.

There is only one question left: What color should the toilet seat and cover be?

Not yellow, sure, and not pink – there was a lot of that.

To make it a darker green would draw attention to the wallpaper and make it plain wood that would somewhat detract from the seaside atmosphere.

I thought why not go bankrupt? Introduce a sixth non-pastel color: shimmering cherry red.

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