DIY Guide: How to Replace the Front Brake Pads on a TVS Apache RR310

DIY Guide: How to Replace the Front Brake Pads on a TVS Apache RR310

It is always advisable to replace the front and rear brake pads at the same time.

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I just replaced my RR310 front brake pads for the first time after 4 years and 17,700 km of ownership. So as usual, I made a DIY vlog for you Watch here

required things

  1. 12mm wrench
  2. T – 30 Torx Ky
  3. Grease bottle
  4. Flat head screwdriver
  5. Brake Pads – The ones I bought were 350 rupees which are almost impossible to get. Those on the market are Brembo brake pads which cost Rs 2,400 for the RR 310.

Before you get ready to replace your brake pads, make sure that their life is already so long that they warrant replacement. Therefore, you just need to check whether the grooves on the pads are intact or if they have completely disappeared. Also, you will start to get a rattling noise from your pads due to the metal-on-metal contact. This means it is time to replace it. Even if one pillow has completely lost its life and the other still has some life, it’s a good idea to replace both at the same time.

Now let’s get to DIY.

Step 1: Remove the metal pin with the help of a flat head screwdriver.

Step 2: Loosen the star bolt with the help of a Torx wrench. Do not completely remove the latch now.

Step 3: Disconnect the ABS line from the brake fluid line. Then loosen the 2 x 12mm caliper bolts with the help of a 12mm wrench as shown in the picture.

Once you remove the 2 x 12mm bolts, you can easily wiggle the caliper off the rotor.

The fourth step: Remove the star stud with a Torx wrench while holding down the metal arrow clip.

Once the bolt and metal clip are removed, the brake pads slide in easily.

Fifth step: Push the 4x pistons on the caliper all the way in. This can usually be done by pushing a star-shaped or flat-head screwdriver firmly onto the pistons, but in my case, it just wouldn’t budge. So I just slipped my new pads in and then pushed the pistons in with the help of a flathead screwdriver.

I placed the screwdriver in such a way that it touched the back side of the pads and the edges of the piston. This way the pads are not damaged.

Maybe I’m not strong enough, I’m not sure but this was the hardest part of the DIY.

The important thing to remember here is that the pistons must be pushed all the way in, don’t let even a millimeter be out or the caliper will not fit over the rotor once the pads are in.

If you have an air blower, you can also blow brake dust and grime out of the calipers.

Step 6: Insert the new bushings into the caliper.

Here you can grease the sides of the brake pads before inserting them.

Getting the new pads onto the caliper is a little tricky, and I’m not sure if I can tell it right in words here. I will do my best but for those who have doubts about this step please check out my vlog which I linked above.

Insert both pads into the caliper in such a way that the pads face each other and align in such a way that the hole for the caliper star pin aligns with the holes on the brake pads.

Then insert the metal arrow clip from the bottom so that the underside of the groove is pointing down. The groove must also be aligned in such a way that the star stud passes exactly over the groove.

The Torx star screw cannot be tightened at this step. We’ll do that eventually.

Step 7: Slide the caliper assembly over the brake rotors and align the 12mm holes. Loosen and tighten the 12mm screws. Then tighten the Torx bolt to the star.

Remembering the small pin you removed in Step 1, slide it back into place as well.

Eighth step: The final step is to pump the brakes several times until the pistons return to their normal position. This is!

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