DIY hair-drying tips for party-ready hair

DIY hair-drying tips for party-ready hair

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New Delhi, Nov. 11 (SocialNews.XYZ) Call us traditional, but there’s no such thing as a bouncy blast to a party. But the problem remains: How do you properly blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer when sitting in your pajamas in front of the bedroom mirror? We’ve got insider tips for you shared by Sonal Hankare, Head of Marketing and Communications at Ikonic Profession if your hair is fine and needs volume, curly and frizz-prone, or simply too long or thick to dry without breaking a sweat.

Hair drying: thick hair

Never style hair without preparing it first. To smooth, condition, and protect hair from heat and humidity, use a drying lotion. Not only will this make drying your hair easier, but it will also help your style last longer.

Any hair type can benefit from rough drying the majority of the water first, then adding your favorite styling products before target drying. You can do this to save time and make the most of your items.

Blowing the top of your hair with a hair dryer is a great way to cheat. You’ll save time and avoid appearing excessively polished. Think of the top of your hair as a horseshoe around your head. Work around the horseshoe either with hot rollers to make it easier to work or by drying in a backhand motion to increase volume.

Hair drying: fine hair

The moisture in the air tends to weigh down fine hair, making it appear flat and pliable. If possible, you should lock out moisture, just as you would with other hair types. For a smooth, long-lasting finish, use a lightweight leave-in conditioner in wet conditions and seal the ends with a serum after drying.

You really want to maximize body volume and thickness for fine hair. Use a volumizing product through the ends to get started. At the roots, mousse and a thickening cream are used. Use your hair dryer to dry the hair from the roots in the opposite way to the usual method, then use a soft hairbrush to smooth the ends.

If your hair is fine, a simple trick to mimic the perfect blowdry is to use hot rollers. While getting dressed, lightly dry your hair and add a volumizing spray and then insert the rollers. It is better to leave it as long as possible.

Hair drying: curly hair

When using a diffuser, drying frizz is simply like drying smooth hair. Turn towel-dried hair upside down, add the dried cream and brush it gently in a diffuser over medium heat. This will help thick or unruly hair get natural volume and dry it more evenly.

To make sure your curls are defined, bouncy, and healthy-looking, prep the hair with a curl conditioner. A good leave-in conditioner and/or oil can provide similar results if you don’t have a conditioner. To avoid hair slipping into an awkward or uneven parting, blow dry the frontal area of ​​hair forward.

Hair Drying Tricks: Afro Hair

You need a hot professional hair dryer if you want to smooth afro hair. Always use a small or narrow nozzle at the end of a hair dryer for best results. It increases airflow pressure, making it stronger and moving more quickly to produce a clean finish.

Best results are obtained by using a natural bristle hairbrush and applying tension, especially at the root area, when blow drying curly, wavy or frizzy hair. Use hot air to smooth the base of the hair only a few times, then finish with cool air to avoid hair breakage.

Start by spraying a leave-in conditioner onto the hair to calm curls or frizz. Next, separate the rest of your hair and start drying completely after using a soft-bristled hairbrush to smooth the hair along your hairline first.

Hair drying tricks: long hair

Start drying with the best hair dryer at the back of the head and blow dry in a circular motion to dry extremely long hair quickly. Due to the high heat, by focusing only on one spot, you will ensure that the entire back of your hair is completely dry. This will give you more time to add your own touches by using tongs or a hairbrush on the rest of the blowdry.

Blow-drying your hair before the night and putting it in a loose bun over your head is a great hack. Your hair will look a bit saggy and have movement all day long if you sleep with it in a bun.

We usually recommend the drying sections of curls for effortless bouncy blow-drying before securing them with pins to prevent frizz and produce long-lasting volume and bounce. Let the curls fall out once your hair has cooled, then run your fingers through them for a more wearable look. To keep everything in place, spray some light hairspray at the end.

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DIY hair-drying tips for party-ready hair

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