DIY Halloween

DIY Halloween


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Halloween is just around the corner, and I know I’m not the only one who’s totally put off putting my Halloween costume together. I always get so nervous about choosing my outfits because I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to look super sexy but also to have something creative and not look like every other girl. However, Halloween is supposed to be fun and exciting, so if you’re feeling bad about a costume, I’ve got you! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite cheap but creative Halloween costumes that you can put together with minimal effort.

Roderick Heffley

We’re starting off strong with a personal favorite which is Roderick Heffley from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. Well, off the bat, this might sound weird and definitely not hot, but I actually have a vision. Simply throw on a little black skirt, talk to the black and draw “Loded Diaper” on a kids’ short t-shirt, and you’re done. If you have the time or money, you can get a little more creative with this and add black striped fishnets or go out with some black eye makeup too. I love this idea so much that I may or may not be out downtown with this Friday night.

Kim is possible

The next one I thought of was Kim Possible. I know it’s not the most authentic but it can never go wrong. Black short-sleeved jeans, green and black boots if you have them on hand but you can mix and match them perfectly. This is great because you can dress it up and down depending on the occasion and it won’t make you freeze your butt all night. I wore this on a night out and wore it to a family Halloween party.

Paris Hilton

If you want to rock a blonde icon but wind up seeing Regina George and Barbie fashion, it should be Paris Hilton. I did this last year and wore a T-shirt that said “that’s cool” and it worked. I paired it with a jean skirt, shoes, and whatever 2000s jewelry I had on hand. This was my favorite outfit because I still wear this shirt a year later and it’s one of my best.

80s girl

The 80’s girl’s costume has been relevant to me for years because I always have everything on hand. Put on a pair of leggings (preferably colorful) and then put a bathing suit or even a one-piece swimsuit over it. Put on your hateful jewelry and dig an old hair tie into your hair. You can’t go wrong with a super makeup look to go with it either.


My last one can be applied to many costumes because it’s more than just a tip. Dress up as a concept, not as a specific person or thing. I saw this idea while browsing Pinterest and honestly thought it was genius. An example would be dressing like poison ivy, Christmas, or a particular season. I think this is clever and unique because I find it very annoying when I dress up as a certain person and people have no idea what I am. This way, you can really wear anything as long as it’s a theme and people know exactly what you are. If you like the idea of ​​poison ivy, you can wear a green slip dress and get a headband with faux leaves on it. The options for this are really endless, just use what you have on hand.

I hope you picked up a potential Halloween costume idea after reading this and get inspired to do some DIY this Halloween. Recycling the clothes you have or just wearing your own fashion is a fun and cheap way to choose your clothes. There is a lot of overconsumption that goes on at this time of year, and sometimes I think we all need a little reminder that there is no mandate that we always have to buy a whole new outfit for every occasion. I guarantee you these costumes will look good and won’t hurt your wallet. Have hot and happy ladies of the week.

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