DIY last minute Halloween costume ideas

DIY last minute Halloween costume ideas

(WOWK) – Halloween is just around the corner which means trick-or-treat and Halloween parties are fast approaching.

If you haven’t found that perfect holiday outfit and need an idea quickly, here are a few last-minute DIY outfits:


We started this list with the most searched for Halloween costumes in West Virginia. a A recent study showed The searches for costumes of the majority of the Mountaineers on the Internet were looking for zombies. This can be easy to do!

All you need is some old clothes that you don’t mind putting a few tears in, and for an extra touch, smear them with dirt or cocoa powder. Put some fashion makeup on your face to add that zombie touch. You can make the costume as scary or fun as you like!

clever cake:

This is fun that can be explained in more ways than one! For both, find an old T-shirt or buy an inexpensive T-shirt in white or the color of your favorite cookie brand’s packaging. Take a tag and write the brand name on the T-shirt (or print out a picture of the logo and stick it on the T-shirt).

Once your shirt is ready, add an academic touch with your graduation cap. You haven’t graduated yet? Choose between a textbook, notebook or “assignment” with a large A+!


A classic idea that’s been around for decades, all you need is a piece of white paper and scissors! Measure the middle of the paper to see where your eyes are, then cut two holes so you can see! You may also need to trim the edges to make sure you don’t get stuck! For an extra ghostly effect, cut the fringe at the edges that will move as you walk!

Dr. Pepper

How can a can of soda pop be such an easy DIY costume? Make a word game! For this version of Dr. Pepper, you’ll need a lab coat, maybe even a stethoscope, and carry your choice of peppers. You can choose from jalapeños, paprika, chili, banana pepper, etc – you can even get plastic if you don’t want to carry fresh veggies all night.

Charlie Brown Ghost:

Well, maybe the ghost DIY idea didn’t work out as planned while you were stinging eyes… oops. Never be afraid! You can still make it work, just get a few more costume pieces to create a classic look from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

First, get a yellow T-shirt that you can add in Charlie Brown’s signature herringbone pattern with black electrical tape or a tag, and khaki pants or shorts. Now, take the paper and cut several more circles all over the fabric. For an extra touch, grab a brown paper bag and throw in some rocks!

When life gives you lemons

We’ve all heard the old phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and when you face the need for a last-minute Halloween costume like Lemonade, make lemonade by turning the phrase into your costume!

For the “Life” part of the costume, you’ll need a shirt—it can be white, yellow, or any color you prefer—plus a tag, electrical tape, or masking tape. Take a marker or tape and write the word “LIFE” on the shirt. Now, find a basket and get some lemons – real from Produce Island or fake from Craft Island – to carry in the basket. You can even add some additional lemon-themed accessories to your look!

Couples like each other:

Here’s a simple idea for couples who need matching outfits at the last minute – dress up like their significant other! You can do this with something as simple as wearing each other’s favorite shirt or jacket. If that doesn’t work, you can try dressing like other people’s occupation, extracurricular activity, or favorite hobby!

ceiling fan:

Who doesn’t like word game? For this outfit, simple jeans and a T-shirt, or any outfit you prefer will work! Add some accessories like a foam finger or a “Propeller #1” tag or tag. From here, you have two options for showing off the spirit of your ceiling. You can stick a picture of a ceiling to your shirt, or if you don’t have a printer, just cheer up a lot as you look up at the ceiling occasionally (just remember to keep an eye on where you’re going!).


This is another idea that comes with more than one option! One way to wear a political costume is to emulate the personal style of your favorite political leaders. But if you want to try this idea without bringing actual politics into the party, simply put on a business suit and hold a sign that says “Vote for (Your Name)”.


For this, the majority of your fashion can come from your wardrobe! All you need is a camera. You can find an old camera, a disposable camera, or even just use your own phone! For an extra touch, create your own “Press Pass” to attach to a rope. And what better way to capture memories of a Halloween event than by being a casual photographer?

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