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DIY manicure set that lasted throughout our three-week honeymoon

You have found the perfect manicure. Not in a fancy downtown salon where they serve you a glass of champagne and a hand massage, nor did it come from a dear friend of the nail technician who insisted she only uses cruelty-free, organic products that “make all the difference.” That discovery came when I took matters between my hands (quite literally) and decided to do my nails myself. I’m not talking about using actual polish, where your less dominant hand is usually acceptable to polite society but your other hand should live under a bridge with trolls; I’m talking about a DIY manicure by the best in town, Like.

I first discovered imPress when someone gave me a set as a gift. Packaged in a small rectangular container, I was surprised to find that one package contained 30 individual nails allowing you to create three distinct nails for less than $10. Yes, under 10 USD all three Ready nails. Sit and take a breath. I know you’re wondering all the times I spent four times on one manicure that was chipped four days later. Speaking of chipping, I have never, not once, had a nail chip when using imPress. Not from wearing them to the gym, swimming in the ocean, or washing out the endless amount of dishes my husband and I use daily. And maybe the best part? I can do a full manicure in five minutes – shaping and filling included.

The beauty of imPress when compared to other ready-to-wear nails is that you don’t need to bother with any nail glue when applying. The nails come pre-applied, where one layer sticks to the nail itself and the other is revealed when you peel off a small piece of plastic from the opposite side which you place on your natural nail like a super strong sticker. You peel, compress, maybe make a quick file (a little saver is included with every package you buy), and you’re good to go.

squeeze manicure

Now, I bet you’re asking, what about the damage to your nails? If you’re anything like me, I shy away from artificial nails in my twenties because I’ve heard how much they can harm natural nail beds. Not such a gift from heaven, my friend. When you’re ready to remove your nails, usually after seven to 10 days as the adhesive starts to wear off and the nail may start to rise in places, you can simply use the small wooden tool that comes in each nail set and pop the artificial nail off. You may have some glue left over, but your natural nails will be fine.

I’ve been wearing imPress nails for over four years now, and their large selection – from individual colors to tailored patterns – really allows me to dress up any mood or occasion. In fact, I wore Empress’ clothes fashion collection To my wedding last year and they continued throughout their three week Italian honeymoon. Since it’s so compact and requires nothing extra to apply, I was able to fit it in my bag without risking luggage space or weight, and replaced the old set with a new one during the last week of devouring ourselves on homemade pasta and aperol spray.

These presses remain as travel preparations before any trip and make sure I don’t need to find a salon in a foreign country for the finishing touches or risk chipped nails that plague every travel photo.

It’s a simple thing, feeling good about your nails. But it also fuels something bigger — feeling confident, prioritizing self-care, and giving the best of you in the world. And while nothing requires you to have gorgeous nails in order to enjoy life, for $3 for a manicure, why not?

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