DIY painting jobs to do over the festive period - to save money

DIY painting jobs to do over the festive period – to save money

Whether you’re hibernating in the cold or cutting back on plans in order to save money, many of us are generally spending more time indoors right now.

So, what’s the best way to take advantage of the extra time at home?

“Painting is perfect for that time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day when no one knows what day it is—and there’s free time to pick up the DIY tasks we’ve been up to for the past year,” says Michael Rowland, DIY expert at The Paint Shed (thepaintshed. com).

Here’s how to save money while making your home look fresh for 2023…

A fresh lick of paint on the walls

One of the most obvious renovation tips is giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, especially if you’ve removed trim—and looking at those scratches and marks in a new light.

“One of the most important things to do before starting your own painting project is to know how much paint you need,” Rowland confirms.

To do this, he says to measure your walls and use an online paint calculator. He says making this mistake could lead to you buying too much paint. “In addition to leaving you in your pocket, it will also leave you with a can of paint sitting unused taking up space.”

He also recommends using a stain-blocking primer if painting over appropriate stains, or they could bleed back through the fresh paint.

Before settling on a color, take advantage of the samples and test them out in the space you’ll be decorating. Interestingly, it is not recommended to sample directly on the wall.

Instead, Rolland suggests painting two coats on plain white paper and when it’s completely dry, stick it on the wall and move it around the room at different points in the day—to see how the color looks in different lights.

“Often the color looks very different from morning light to afternoon light, and in the evening when the artificial lighting is on,” he says.

Upholstery recycling and painting

If you have any old furniture in your home that you don’t really like, try upcycling. Perhaps a pop of color will tie it into another part of the house, or it could be repurposed for something else?

Rolland goes on to say that the existing cabinets could be refreshed with a fresh coat of paint and new knobs. “Similarly, adding some shelves with accessories will help add new textures and levels of focus to a room, which can help change its look and feel.”

Trunk sales, charity stores and the Facebook Marketplace are ideal for finding vintage furniture, Rowland says. “They are a gold mine [for items] You can recycle to use in your home. It is a great way to not only save money, but also make money, if you want to sell your recycled furniture on it.”

Paint your windows

Painting your windows is a great way to freshen up the look of your interior and exterior — exposed to the winter elements, they’ll likely look a little worn and worse with wear. “The perfect way to give them a new lease on life without having to spend a lot of money to replace them,” Rowland adds.

This is where a little research comes in. “UPVC windows, for example, are not easy to paint,” he explains. “While some materials, such as wood, will be reinforced with a coat of paint, the paint can actually damage UPVC [plastic building material] Because of the light sanding required to help the paint adhere to the surface – which means your windows may not last very long.”

Rolland says aluminum and wood windows are the easiest to paint, and that the process doesn’t damage the materials.

For window frames made of wood: You should choose an exterior paint for wood because you will need the paint to be weather resistant as well as moisture and mold resistant both inside and out. If window frames are not painted, Rolland says, a flexible undercoat and top coat are preferred. But for tires that have been previously painted with regular paint, you should use regular, high-quality exterior paint.

For aluminum frames: You will need an exterior metallic paint. It’s important to remember that aluminum frames need washing and priming, Rolland says, just like UPVC frames.

Invest in quality paint

Many people think that painting on a budget means buying the cheapest paint possible to save the most money. “This, however, is not true,” Rowland says, and stresses: “The goal is to make your paint last as long as possible, which will ultimately save you money.

“This is why commercial paint is recommended, which is not only of higher quality but is also more cost efficient, has a higher spread rate and better covering power.”

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