DIY projects without screws can be easy!

DIY projects without screws can be easy!

DIY building, repair and maintenance can be easier than you think. These days there are many nail-free solutions that can make the light work of almost any task at home and in the workshop. So get rid of screws, nails, and drills and learn the basics of mounting with screwless adhesives.

you can use No more nail products For mounting everyday household products and accessories such as wooden plates, soap dishes or mirrors in the bathroom, trellis in the garden, moldings and tweets, or a hat or key hook in children’s rooms.

Let’s take a look at some of the quick stick and cure adhesives available at your local hardware store.

These useful products from Patex’s Adhesive Kit will make your DIY projects a snap:

  • No more nails
  • Contact adhesives
  • Excellent gum
  • epoxy
  • energy strips

Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

No more nail products

Allowing DIY enthusiasts to do without the messy and time-consuming task of drilling, screwing, hammering and installing nails, No More Nails treats the job in half the time with minimal fuss. The No More Nails range includes the original formula, interior and exterior formulations, High Tack, Click n Fix, No More Nails Invisible and various strips to give you plenty of options for no-drill installation. The scope allows you to simply apply the adhesive to one or both surfaces and install it without screws. You can use No More Nails to install and secure wood, concrete, gypsum, stone and many other materials.

Contact adhesives

Patex adhesives are strong and heat resistant, they are also toluene free and a great choice when you need to bond materials with different textures. There is the original combination adhesive tape, a clear option, and a contact adhesive for bonding the skin. These are very versatile adhesives that can be used on cork, felt, wood ceramic, plastic, PVC, and metal.

Excellent gum

The superior adhesives are ideal for small repairs, arts and crafts, and a myriad of other uses in and around the home. It dries quickly and can be used on many different materials. It is available in liquid and gel form.

Here is a very cool guide for making Laser cut your own bastion figure from wood.


Epoxy glues are ideal when you need an extra bond, and the job needs a delicate touch. They are typically applied using a two-part syringe that combines equal parts resin and hardener to create a high bond strength.

Manual ways to use nail-free adhesives

3D Prints

Check out this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy 3-D Publications. If you need to print 3D prints that are larger than the size of the printer, you may need to print them on several pieces and then glue them together. The best glue for this purpose is super glue, epoxy, or silicone glue. You can use a simple glue gun to connect the pieces with more precision.

Hanging small and medium-sized items in the kitchen and bathroom

If you want to keep a useful product in your kitchen drawer, check this out Tutorial on double sided tape. You can also use No More Nails glue to attach shelves and art. Tapes are mess-free and hassle-free and can be used to create sturdy installations without any of the hassle or processing time. Simply place it on one side of the item you wish to hang, remove the backing tape, and press the item firmly against the surface you want to stick it to. The straps are perfect for getting kids started on DIY tasks too!

Make your life simpler with nail-free adhesives

Whether you want to indulge in some 3D printing, hang a mirror or shelf in the bathroom or kitchen, or assemble a birdhouse for the garden, DIY No Nails glue is a great choice. Keep some adhesive, tape, and epoxy syringes in the garage or shed so that you always have them on hand when dealing with repair and maintenance tasks as well. Next time you’re at your local hardware store, pick up some useful adhesives and learn how to use them for all of your household tasks and maintenance jobs!

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